What’s next for budgets and profit & loss reporting

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the budgeting and profit & loss beta. The feedback we received was valuable in implementing new features along the way, such as customisable report options, a drill-down view, and the ability to export reports.

So what’s new?


For starters, nothing has changed for MYOB Essentials' Budget management (other than the purple beta tags being removed). Any saved budget data will still be there, as will the budgeting tools that were available during the beta.


You’ll notice that there’s now only one Profit & loss report.




Clicking into this report will display the new profit & loss report - what’s previously been known as the beta version. This report works exactly in the same way the beta version did, and replaces the old profit & loss report in MYOB Essentials.


Feeling nostalgic for the old report? We’ve got you covered! Clicking Back to the old Profit & loss report in the upper-right corner will switch over to the old layout.


back to the old.png


And click Switch to the new Profit & loss report if you want to go back.


switch to new.png


If you prefer the old report, let us know why in the Feedback box that appears when you switch versions.




Your feedback will help us improve the new report - ensuring you get the most from your profit & loss experience.