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Correcting mistakes with Single Touch Payroll

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Correcting mistakes with Single Touch Payroll

Hi Everyone,


With Single Touch Payroll (STP) here the biggest question we have on STP now is what to do when there was a mistake made on the Payroll and how does this affect the STP reports. To quickly answer the questions as much as possible, we have made this post answering these questions.


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Looking for info on how Pays Process with STP? See our post on this: Pay Processing FAQs with STP


The FAQs:


The current STP service sends both the Period to Date (PTD) and Year to Date (YTD) totals to the ATO with each Pay Event. As the ATO would only look at the YTD information for the employee's pays, you just need to fix it up in MYOB to have the right YTD information before declaring it to the ATO.


You can fix it up like you have always done by; deleting, reversing, corrective entries, however you have done this before. As soon as you have fixed the YTD amounts in your software then you're ready to send this to the ATO the next time you Declare a Pay Run. You also don't have to send this immediately and you can wait until the next pay cycle for it to be corrected.


Looking for help with correcting the pays? We have some great support notes that go through this, see:

Once you fix up the ATO Reporting Categories, the next time you declare the Pays it will update the YTD information and assign the figures to the correct categories. You can even change over your ATO reporting categories mid-year and your next Pay Event will fix up the YTD totals with the ATO.


Here are some great Help articles that can lend a hand: 

If you are unsure which ATO Reporting Categories is needed we suggest to contact your Advisor or the ATO directly.

This would mean that the ATO have accepted your Pay Values, however they have would like you to fix some things in your datafile.


Here is a great Help Article that can take you through it: Single Touch Payroll reporting error: Accepted with errors


After you fix these problems, you don't need to re-declare the pays. When you reach your next Pay Cycle and declare it, you shouldn't have any other problems.

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