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Employees not showing in STP Reports

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Employees not showing in STP Reports

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Hi Everyone,


With STP about to become mandatory for most businesses a common question we faced last year was how some employees were not showing on their STP reports being sent to the ATO and how to correct this.


Fixing this is very similar to how we would look into missing Employees in Payment Summaries


The culprits for this are:

  • No Pay History for the current Payroll Year.
  • Employment Basis on the Employee Card is set to: Other.


Here's how to check these:


As STP Reports will be looking at the Pay History in the Employee Card themselves, if you go open this section in the Card List you'll be able to see if there are any values. Here's what to do:


1. Go to: Cards > Card List Employee Card > Payroll Details tab > Pay History tab.

2. Drop down menu: Show Pay History for: Year-to-Date

3. Ensure there are values here for more than $0



Like Payment Summaries, STP is only reportable for Employees of the Business and any Labour Hire that was contracted for the duration of work and had earnings. The "Other" Individual Basis is set for Employee Cards that don't need to be reported to the ATO and so they're won't show up for these types of reports.


To check this, go to: Cards > Card List > Employee Card > Payroll Details tab > Personal Details tab

Then check the Employment Basis field:



Ensure this is not set to Other.


Once you were able to fix the cause for the missing Employees, you can then create an Update Event (AccountEdge) or declare a VOID Paycheque (AccountRight 2019) to push the updated details to the ATO.


You can create a VOID paycheque by following this post: Creating a VOID Pay to send an updated STP Report

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