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FAQs about AccountRight 2019 - Backups

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FAQs about AccountRight 2019 - Backups

As AccountRight 2019 allows you to store your datafile online, the most common questions we get around data management are based around backups. Such as; Do I still take a backups, when should we take backups, and does the cloud automatically back up our files?


We have collected the most frequently asked questions around backing up with AccountRight 2018 and answer these below.


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Feel free to also check out our Help Article: Back up your company file


The FAQs:


Yes, we still recommend to taking regular backups for data integrity and reporting purposes so that you can always review your data from that a point in time.

Not particularly, while we do take backups in case of server damage and maintenance these backups are for if there are any problems with the servers that we can always keep a copy of your file ready to restore in case of major system crashes. These backups are not designed to replace your current backup methods and we do encourage you to take your backups on a regular basis.

This can be personal choice, though we do recommend taking a backup on a fairly regular basis. This could be when you have finished the days worth of work, you can take a backup to not lose anything, or even weekly backups. It's best to prepare for unexpected and try seeing how much data loss you can survive without (IE: 2 days, a week, etc) and try scheduling your own backup routines around this.

The In Tray Documents are stored on a separate server from you file and when you take a backup, you are only backing up the file and the information within. Though the documents are backed up on our end in case of server crashes.

Backups are automatically named a particular convention like so:

File Name: MYOB12142018.ZIP


MYOB - So that you know where this came from

12142018 - Taken on 14/12/2018 (MM/DD/YYYY)

.ZIP - The file type of the backup (Zip means that it has compressed the actual file to be smaller)


If you want to have your own name for your backups, click onto Browse and then change the name it saves as before clicking Backup. It's recommended to name your backups to something meaningful like "EOFY2018" when you backup before rolling over.


Note: If you have multiple Company Files that you back up, it's recommended to either name your backups to differentiate them or keep each backup separated in different folders.

You can find out where backups save to by going to:

1. Go to: File > Backup

2. Check the bar:



For Example; my last backup location was in my Documents.


You can also do a search for "MYOB" in your Windows Search to find anything with MYOB in the name:


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