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FAQs about "the Cloud" & the new AccountRight

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FAQs about "the Cloud" & the new AccountRight

As the new AccountRight 2019 is a cloud-based program we thought we would do a post on commonly asked questions that clients do ask about AccountRight 2019 and the cloud.


The term "cloud" is a tech term referring to a group of computing servers working together to deliver a specific service through the Internet. Some examples of the "cloud" in action can be Netflix, your Google Drive or OneDrive storage including some online emailing services like Gmail. As it's stored on multiple servers if there is a crash on 1 particular server your data is still protected by other servers and backup processes. MYOB uses the Cloud to deliver certain services such as Cloud File hosting for AccountRight and other services such as Bank Feeds, Online Emailing, In Tray, and more

In short, no. AccountRight 2019 allows you to store the company files online or locally.


Bank Feeds, PaySuper & the Single Touch Payroll service do work for offline files just the same as online files. With that said, there are certain Online Services that only work for Online Files such as In Tray, or integration with the MYOB Invoices mobile app. You can read more on our Post: Overview of Live Services

As per the system requirements, we do recommend having a minimum upload speed of 0.5 Mbps. You can get an indication of your upload speed using an online speed test (Australia | New Zealand)


The amount of data that AccountRight will use when the file is stored in the cloud does depend on several factors, such as; how big the company file is, what you do use the software for, how often you check out/check in the file and how regularly you backup and restore the company file… As there are various factors there no estimate or formula that we can provide to ensure that you have the correct plans for your needs.

If you are using AccountRight 2019 or later, you can upload your company to the cloud via opening that file and going to File → Go Online (Upload this File).


Using AccountRight Classic (V19)? You can upgrade your file and have it go online. See our help article: Upgrade to the new AccountRight

We store our online AccountRight files using the Microsoft Azure servers located in Sydney Australia.

We take the privacy and security of your business data and personal information very seriously, and only handle your personal information in a way that complies with the Australian and New Zealand privacy laws and our Privacy Policy. Along with that, we utilise industry best-practice security measures to ensure your business data and personal information remains secure and private, and cannot be accessed without your permission.


For more information please MYOB Security Commitment and MYOB Privacy Policy

To access a company file store in the cloud with AccountRight you do need to have the AccountRight program installed, along with the appropriate login credentials. This does mean that you are not able to access your company file through an Internet Browser.



If you are needing a solely online based Internet Browser solution, MYOB Essentials may be better suited to your needs, you can find out more information and to sign up for a free 30 day trial via MYOB Essentials

When your company file is stored online, every 20 minutes the system will automatically sync the company file to the local machine. This will retain a copy of the company file stored should the worst happen. You can find our more information about syncing on Help Article: Synchronise a company file

While MYOB does take a backup of company file stored in the cloud, we strongly recommend clients do take their own backups of the company file whilst it is stored in the cloud. You can take a backup of a company file stored in the cloud or locally via File → Backup

If you do need to remove a company file from the cloud do contact MYOB to arrange for this process- Contact Us. Alternatively, do post on the MYOB Community Forum and one of the Moderators would be happy to arrange for that process. To quicken the process of removing a file do ensure that you have taken a backup of the company file via File → Backup.

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