Import Error code -242

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Import Error code -242

Hi, Since the 19.2.2019 we have trouble importing only 2 of our card files, previously there was no trouble in importing these card files. The error is 'Error -242: More than 1 customer found. Sale invoice not imported'

I have tried every suggestion that I have researched to correct this but nothing is working.  We are doing everything the exact same way as per before 19.2.2019. I have attached the excel spreadheet that we are trying to import and the Import Error report. Any solutions would greatly be appreciated. I am hoping that maybe a fresh pair of eyes may see what we might be missing. Smiley Happy


Thanks  Regards  Bev

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Re: Import Error code -242

Hi @GO2BEV2650 


If you were experiencing a multiple customer found, I would start by trying to import just one of these records producing the error. This would help rule out any potential issues caused by multiple entries on the import file.


Assuming the error continued when importing a single record, I would be inclined to look at the customer list within AccountRight to ensure that there aren’t multiple customer cards with sufficiently similar detail that they are being picked up during the import process.


Additionally, I note that the import file looks very unusual, in terms of a number of empty columns, as well as what I assume are transaction lines with zero dollar amounts on them.  You may want to enter in one of these transactions into AccountRight first and then exporting it out, before comparing that export to what you are trying to import to ensure that they are formatted the same


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