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Hi we are wanting to strat using Accountright Inventory, we have preiously entered purchase records into the system by item number, now moving forward it won't let us use I inventory this item - it comes up with error message You have sale /purchases on file for this item how can we get around this problem to set up inventory correctly.

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Re: Inventory

Hi @nicky7 


AccountRight doesn’t allow for a user to switch inventory calculation methods after recording transactions against an item. Instead if you are wanting to change inventory calculation methods, or to start tracking inventory, and have already recorded transactions against the item heres what youll need to do for each item:


To avoid confusion the term “old item” will refer to the initial setup of the item, while the term “new item” will refer to a newly setup version of the item with the I Inventory option ticked


  1. Make a note of the on hand quantity and value of the item
  2.  Rename the old item by adding zzz at the start of the item number, to free up the item number
  3. Create the new item using the item number
  4. Do an inventory adjustment to increase the on hand quantity and value of the new item to match the old item
  5. Do a second inventory adjustment to decrease the on hand quantity and value of the old item to zero. (This can be done as part of the previous step if you want to)
  6. Mark the old item as inactive by ticking Inactive item on the old items item card


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