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Sale of Business and transfer

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Sale of Business and transfer

we are in the process of selling our business to a new owner who needs to take over the Myob live files.

We currently have a licence for 3 businesses and he needs to take over 2. Keeping the same business names but with a new abn.

Once settlement occurs we will need to close off our own files for those 2 businesses and so will need to keep our own licence for a couple of months - and our subscription.

Does he take out a myob subscription for MYOB live and then we request myob to copy the 2 files across to him at the point of settlement and will this then mean we can access our own files only up to the point of settlement without him having access to what we are doing?

Obviously, we do not need to see what he does from point of settlement but we need to close off our own.

What is the best way to do this please?

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Re: Sale of Business and transfer

Hi @osac,


Thanks for posting.


If you want to keep access to your company files for a short bit the best bet is for them to purchase their own AccountRight live serial number and then move the necessary files into their serial number and keep your subscription up for the next couple of months.


That is probably the best way with the least paperwork involved. However for this to work, they will need to purchase them same MYOB product that you have which is AccountRight Premier.


The other method is to completely sign your rights off over the serial number that you currently have and just advise them that you will need access to copies of the company files until the settlement have been completed.


Let me know which path you wish to take so I can assist in making the arrangements for you. If you require further assistance, feel free to post here in the community forum.

Kind regards,
Client Support Representative

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