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MYOB Community Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum. This is a place for constructive discussion among users of MYOB software and services. It’s a community for asking questions, sharing information and knowledge, and learning from each other.

The Forum is subject to MYOB’s Terms of Use (Australia and New Zealand) and Privacy Policy (Australia and New Zealand). We reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time.

How to use the Forum

You need to sign up as a registered user before you can contribute to the Forum. Use the unique user ID and password that you established on registration to login and participate in Forum discussions. You’re responsible for any posts made on the Forum under your user ID, so make sure you don’t share your login details with anyone else. If you think someone has accessed the Forum using your user ID without your permission, let us know as soon as possible by emailing community.au@myob.com.

Here are some tips for getting the best out of the Forum:

•  Before you create a new post, use the Forum search tool or browse posts on the relevant board to see if someone else has already asked the same question or has posted the information you’re looking for.

•  Many people decide whether a post is worth reading by what’s in the subject line, so make it meaningful. For example, rather than just saying “Help!” if you need assistance, indicate the specific problem that you need help with.

•  When replying to a post, please stay on topic. Start a new thread if you have a different issue.

•  Provide enough detail to inform other users so they can provide you with the solutions you need, but keep it to the point – people are less likely to respond to long, rambling posts.

•  It is good practice to always provide the version number of the software you are using. Also include details of your computer and operating system if appropriate.

MYOB in the Forum

We actively keep an eye on what’s going on in the Forum through our moderators, although we don’t screen messages before they are posted.

Our focus is on offering help and advice to users in relation to our products and services wherever we can. We also care about what you think, so our moderators are always on the lookout for any useful feedback from users, which gets passed on to the rest of our team.

We have the final say in interpreting and enforcing these guidelines and reserve the right to remove any posts that don’t comply. We can also, at our discretion, revoke a user’s access to the Forum in cases of non-compliance.

The golden rules of Forum participation

Be respectful and polite. The MYOB community is made up of thousands of people across all sorts of vocations, with varying levels of experience and expertise. Please be mindful of this when contributing to the Forum. Ensure the Forum stays a helpful, positive community by taking care with how you express your comments and keeping them positive in tone. If you see an offensive or inappropriate comment, please let us know by selecting the Report Inappropriate Content link on the post’s Options menu. We will take care of it as quickly as possible.

Be yourself. We like people to use their real names and website links in the Forum, but it’s not a requirement. We don’t permit the use of other people’s images, work or personal details without their permission.

Keep personal information private. The Forum is a public place. Don’t post any personal information such as phone numbers, street or email addresses that you do not want in the public domain.

Think before you post. Once you’ve made a comment in the Forum, you only have a short time to make any changes via the edit link in the post’s Options menu. You cannot delete posts completely, nor delete your account. Only we have the ability to remove Forum content, and we will do so at our discretion.

Add value. Only post a reply if and when you have something constructive to share.

Stay within the law. Posting of any content that promotes or commits an illegal act will result in such material being removed and your access to the Forum being revoked. This includes unauthorised use of copyright, pornographic or defamatory material and unsolicited advertisements (spam).

Mind your own (advertising) business. The purpose of the Forum is to make business life easier for members of the MYOB community through the exchange of ideas and advice between users. It is not an advertising website. If you believe you can help another user by selling them a product or service, send them a private message instead of posting on the Forum. Keep Forum discussions to solutions, ideas and advice, and only post a link to a product or service if it directly answers a user’s query.

It’s your responsibility. You assume the risk of reading and acting upon information from any posts made on the Forum. Aside from the comments made by our moderators, the information posted on the Forum comes from the MYOB community – that is, other users of our software and services – and we are not responsible for the accuracy, reliability and legality of any information or advice that you receive. For specific advice regarding your particular circumstances, please contact your accountant, the Australian Taxation Office, New Zealand Inland Revenue or your IT Consultant as appropriate.