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Find Transactions: Show Purchase Orders in Bills tab

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I would like to know if there is a way to search for Journal Memos on Purchase ORDERS not actual Supplier entered BILLS...we type the name of the customer in the 'Journal Memo' for purchase orders so we know what the purchase links to.

Would be very helpful for us...thank you.


"Search JOURNAL MEMOS for all transactions (not only monetary ones)"

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Hi There


We asign Job Numbers for all Purchases, Sales & Timesheets entered into MYOB.


When using 'Find Transactions' to look up a Job Number to view all transactions associated with that Job Number for Job Costing/Invoicing purposes, any Purchases Orders raised against that Job Number that has not been converted to a 'Bill' do not show in the list.


Please may I ask that something be done by the MYOB developers so that any outstanding P/Order's not yet converted to Bills come up in the Job Costing window, as that will act as a prompt to the person completing the 'Job Costing' (for Invoicing purposes) notifying them that there is a cost associated to that particular Job Number that hasn't yet been entered (ie. the Supplier has not yet provided the Invoice).