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Inventory: Associate record ID number with item for exporting (updating item numbers via import)

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Hi MYOB Community


My feature request is to assign every product that is created in MYOB with a permanent ID number starting at 1 & bulding up to infinity.


The reason for this is, currently, when import & exporting items in MYOB, the only field you can link is the product code field. This would usually be fine, but when you need to bulk change a product code for whatever reason, you cannot do this without either importing new codes (adding more to your data base then you need) or manually changing each & every individual one inside of the MYOB UI. This is so frustrating when you design a code around the suppliers code that then changes because they updated a product. 


An example would be the attached CSV file. 


This way, when importing items, you would link the data via its ID number & ANY other information you change for that ID number will always be assigned to that ID number rather that to the product code that is subject to change.


I dont think this would be a hard thing to implement as you would prpbably add another data field to each product code & in an update, it assigns each one a number starting at 1. 


Personally, this would really help with my workflow of importing & exporting data. 


"Assign Items a Permanent ID number as a linking field"