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Online Payments: BPay Surcharge

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Hi MYOB Team,


I can see that this has previously asked by many other users in the "MYOB Community", and whilst they have all been replied to and then "closed" for comment, this hasn't rectified nor made the problem businesses face go away.


Can we please have either:


1. the ability to automatically pass on BPAY merchant surcharge fees to clients on invoices, just like we do with MASTERCARD and VISA; and/or

2. the abilitiy to switch off BPAY as a payment option, right now it is lumped in with Mastercard and VISA.


When we were part of the pilot program this was rarely an issue for us, but since being fully rolled out, regular users now know that by selecting BPAY as their method of payment they can avoid the surcharge fees. Initially after getting stung a few times we had to decide what level of fees we're prepared to cop? As a result we'd chosen to disable the payment feature all together for all "account clients" leaving it only available for Cash Sale Invoices and only if they're less than $500 because whilst this is a great feature the costs associated are NOT!


Kind regards



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We have just come to realise that the surcharge is not being added to the BPay payment option as it does for credit card option.  This is an issue for us due to the large amounts of our invoices for consulting services.  Therefore we would like to know if/when one of the options as setout by @Suzi_Byrom  will be available, otherwise we may have to turn this feature off all together.  Is this issue currently being considered by myob? 

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@swampette this is an issue that our business raised with MYOB when we encountered this as participants in the pilot program for the surcharge feature to be added. That obviously fell on deaf ears, and with just 4 Votes I'm predicting that they won't be in any hurry to get beck to us either.


In the meantime what could be a great feature continues go on being under utilised because we (MYOB's clients) are being forced to restrict it's access to our clients.


It's disappointing to say the least but sadly not surprising, you need only look back and read over the now thousands of other suggestions made in AccountRight-Idea-Exchange and their lengthy timelines. Just doesn't seem to be at all acceptable though given that all of MYOB's clients have been forced into a subscription ... that increases yearly by $10 per month!



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Hi I agree with Suzi this has to be fixed.


We are a small business and in the last six months we have been charged $5000 in BPAY surcharge fees. This is getting ridiculous and as Suzi has said clients have now cottoned on to the fact that if they pay with  BPAY they do not have to pay a CC surcharge.   We have now updated our invoices to say we do not accept BPAY hoping his will solve the problem but if clients continue to pay with BPAY we will have no choice but to stop using  online invoicing.