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Prepare Electronic Payments: BPay payments

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I currently use an ABA File to make multiple EFT payments and would love to be able to do the same with BPAY payments.  Would it be possible to add this as an option when setting up a Supplier's Payment details?  I have to enter each BPAY payment into the cheque account, then log onto the bank and enter each BPAY individually...very time consuming!  Thanks, Jenni


"Multiple BPAY Payments using an ABA File"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: August 2013

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It would be a very handy option.  I have been able to partly work around this by putting all zero into the bank account fields and then using electronic payments to record the transaction.  I have then used multiple BPay in the bank to produce one transaction in the bank as well as the data file.  But I do find that the chances of errors occurring is far less if you do the transactions in the data file and then upload a file direct to the bank.

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I am another supporter for some new facility that enables the user to load up a number of BPAY payments with the data all collected from MYOB's figues stored in the bank section of each card.


If you need to manually adjust the reference number, as you often do for payroll tax payments (Qld Office of State Revenue) or individual superannuation installments to various funds, the facility should allow for this to be done easily and accurately.


Please vote for this suggestion as the number of people using BPAY must now be huge.



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Would be great that when M-Powered comes to ARLive that it includes Bpay functionality.. really frustrating trying to track down suppliers to ask them for EFT details when they have Bpay on their invoice already.

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Thanks for the idea. We would love to hear from other users what you think. We encourage users to leave further comments and votes.
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The BPAY functionality will be most helpful as most of our suppliers either have an EFT or BPAY payment method. Others, however, would only have the BPAY payment method so it will be wonderful if MYOB can incorporate this on their next version.

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I note this issue has been raised dating back to 2012 with a status of Under Consideration after speaking with MYOB today the status has not changed, I currently use an ABA File to make multiple EFT payments this system is becoming inefficient as more and more creditors are moving towards BPAY and similar to receive payment and not given direct bank details, I believe MYOB competitors are looking to introduce this facility in the near future This facility needs to be made available asap to your current clients, please advise if the status has changed.

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Hi @aaa 


Welcome to the Community Forum and thanks for your message. I've moved it here to the relevant idea to keep votes and comments together. I'm afraid we don't have an update at this stage but it is a great suggestion and I'm sure our product development team is keen to implement it.


All the best,

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I can't believe this has been in consideration since 2012.  This is a must, I have many suppliers like telstra, that all I can do is BPay and unfortunatelly I have to enter these twice, as many of you have already mentioned.  This is not only time consuming it's also a bigger margin for errors.  With tachnology moving so fast, should this really take so long?  Please MYOB, I think it't time to do something about this...

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We have just registered for bank feeds & also would like to say that I totally agree with the comments above.  We have multiple suppliers that will only allow us to pay by BPAY including Telstra, Optus and Colliers. 


If we're going to have the option to pay via EFT, allowing payments by BPAY is really is a no-brainer.

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Please, please, please enable multiple BPay payments via .aba files. 


As more of our suppliers are opting for BPay now, we make about the same number of payments via EFT as we do by BPay every month.  The difference for us is that it takes a couple of hours per month to make the EFT payments but it takes a couple of hours a day to make the BPay payments! 


There is a greater margin for error with the duplication of data entry into MYOB and the Bank for these too.  We have to set up new BPay suppliers in the bank which adds more time.  If it was all going through MYOB cards, it would be so much simpler.


Please seriously consider adding the BPay payment option soon and not leaving it under consideration for another 2 years.


If there are problems that cannot be overcome, at least let us know that you can't add the facility.


Thank you.