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Receive Payments: Print Receipt

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It would be great to have the ability to print a receipt from the Receive Payments screen.

That function would save customer waiting time for their receipt.

When I record a payment receipt I then have to go to the Print Receipts screen to find the payment then print the receipt.  So it would also save me a lot of hassle Smiley Happy


"Print Receipt Function on the Receive Payments screen"

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To print a receipt (paid invoice) there seems an unneccessarily high number of steps:

- complete the invoice

- enter a payment and click "save"

- then find the paid invoice again via the Sales menu and print.


A Print Invoice button on the payments page would be SOOO much quicker, or at least an option to go straight back to the Invoice after the payment has been recorded

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 Hi @JeremyFr 

Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum.

Whilst I suspect that you are a MYOB Essentials user your suggestion has been placed on the "AccountRight Idea Exchange" instead of "MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange".


A "new idea" already exists on this "AccountRight Idea Exchange" for a "Print Receipt Function on the Receive Payments screen"; please refer to this link Print Receipt Functionality in the Receive Payments Screen; please add your comments and vote for it by clicking its "+ Vote" icon.


Thank you.

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Would definately be an advantage as other programs have this facility already and have for many years!