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Item Export Data Corrupt - Possible Cause of Issue

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Item Export Data Corrupt - Possible Cause of Issue

Following up on the closed thread of same name, it looks like we have worked out what has caused the issues with data exporting to the incorrect locations.


Although you are unable to type a tab into the text field of the item description, it does allow you to copy/paste. When using copy/paste this does have the ability to insert tabs. Hence why when you export using tabs as the breaker, the data it goes to the incorrect fields.


All issues I have had with exporting have now been down to this issue and are easily fixed without scripts. Using the filter option in Excel, just filter to show all values on the column after the standard cost. This will show all data that has exported into incorrect fields (as wherever there is a tab it will have moved data over one column). From here, update the extended description in MYOB manually to ensure all tab spaces are removed. I have found that even if it looks like their is no tab space, it can be tacked on at the end of the text string also. You should then be good to export again, hopefully with everything in the right fields.


Hope this is helpful to anyone who may have had the same issue! Smiley Happy

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Re: Item Export Data Corrupt - Possible Cause of Issue

Hi @_Zentra 


Thanks for your suggestion with regards to item exporting! I hope other users will follow your tips and are able to solve any exporting issues they may have. Please keep sharing your solutions and best practices in the future.

Kind regards,

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