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Account lists: Header accounts

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Can you please comment on why MYOB Essentials does hot have the ability to have Headers.


This is a important part of reporting to business owners eg Salaries - Directors and Salaries - Staff should always be separated.


I have used MYOB since 1998 and cannot understand why Headers would be removed from a Accounts List.


The big advantage that MYOB had over tax preparation software like Solution 6 is that the Chart of Accounts (now Accounts List) could be modified to suit the management needs of every different business.


MYOB should be encouraging Business Owners to use MYOB regularly for decision making purposes.


We now have a subscription model which forces business owners to have the latest version.

This is good for decision making purposes but I cannot stress enough the importance of a functional Accounts List.


Duncan Smith

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Last Changed: June 2018

Hi Everyone

I'm pleased to announce that Header Accounts have been added to MYOB Essentials.

For more information on this function please see MYOB Essentials Blog Article: Improved reporting with headers, quantities and more

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Would love to be able to have header accounts like in the full verson on MYOB in Live Accounts - makes budgeting and costing from reports much easier, seeing as there isalso no facility to job cost?


Please please please, would love:

Job costing

Terms & Conditions on Invoices

Larger Logo on Tax Invoices

Header Accounts in GL

Service Date option for sales, like professional setup in Full version


My client and I are on different platforms so cannot use the full version????

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Further to my comments above, please find below a list of the separate Ideas for the above enhancement requests:


Job Costing -


Terms and Conditions on Invoice -


Larger Logos -


Service Date per invoice line -


Please Vote and add comments to these enhancements so that our Developers can get a feel for the popularity of each of them.

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Can sub accounts be included in Essentials?

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Hello Everyone,


Just a couple ideas which will really help out if these features were added to MYOB Essentials. I'll break them up below.


Job Codes:


Job codes are very useful for reporting purposes as they are able to help us distinguish between similar transactions that relate to different things. An example that is most commonly used in job codes for our clients is rental properties and Work-related jobs. You might have a commercial rent income account, but with multiple properties listed under that income account, so we use job codes to separate them when we run a job report which also include expenses for each property under that job code. It's useful as it doesn't spam our initial profit and loss statement with multiple listings of rental properties relating to the same income type. It would be really useful to have this in the MYOB Essentials just as it was in the previous offline MYOB software,




This was going to be the alternative to using job codes, however we realise this wasn't a feature either!

I believe this should be an essential part of the program as it really helps with financial reporting. Similar view with job coding, we need to show what accounts relate to a main account. For example, the most commonly used accounts in equity are beneficiaries which require separate sub-accounts for opening balance, drawings, capital contributed, and Share of Profit. Without the option for sub-accounts these become their own and it makes a lot messier to show to clients when they aren't grouped together with the totals for the group (to show the net owed/owing of that beneficiary). Other such examples include payroll expenses, motor vehicle expenses and even rental properties. Without sub-accounts it makes it harder to present to the client as there isn't as much clarity as there could be with the use of sub-accounts.




Lastly, it would be really useful to implement more importing options, as we are looking to convert a lot of our clients to MYOB Essentials and it would be really great if we could import more than customer and supplier cards from previous MYOB software. I would love to see a chart of accounts import mainly, and for that extra step further I'd love to see that import compatible with Reckon/Quickbooks software as well.


The idea of this is that we want to take all of our clients from all the different versions of MYOB and all the different versions of Reckon/Quickbooks and place them in MYOB Essentials as it creates just one central software everyone can deal with. This avoids all the avoidable extra time spent on messy updating etc. that comes with having 30+ programs/software to keep track of.


If there was just one software to use (after testing all the other online software such as Reckon One), I would love to choose MYOB Essentials. It's just the few things above that we really need to help us properly implement this new system we want to go for. We love the idea of going online as we can connect to bank feeds/import them manually and create rules. Cutting the time on data entry and focusing more on accurate reporting to our clients is our main focus. We want the best results with as much time we can cut out possible (doesn't everyone?) and we believe MYOB Essentials is the best future for achieving this goal.


We hope these ideas will be taken under consideration and hopefully look forward to seeing them in the near future.


Thanks for taking the time to read,

Liam Rutter

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Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback for MYOB Essentials @Liam_Rutter 

Our idea exchange allows other users to vote for ideas that you raise and also allows you to vote for ideas that have already been raised. So that we can correctly gauge the popularity of ideas, we ask that you include a single suggestion in each post. This will allow us to see which votes correspond to which suggestions.

In regards to job codes, importing a chart of accounts, and creating sub accounts these idea have been raised previously. We recommend that you cast your vote for them here:

Essentials - ability to use jobs

Need to import chart of accounts

Setting up sub accounts

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Hi @DuncanS 

Thank you for feedback on MYOB Essentials and the Accounts list, in particular header accounts. 

The MYOB Essentials accounts list is designed to be a simple accounts list and thus doesn't allow for the creation of headers. 

I would encourage other users that would like to see the ability to create header accounts in future release to vote and comment if required. 

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It would be very useful particularly for those who are used to heirachial account charts, to be able to create sub-accounts that would total to a header account. Exporting to xl and then wasting time setting this up is not what one expects from a system that focuses on saving time.

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You can create multiple levels of header accounts with the chart of accounts, and can choose to report at various levels in some of the reports (eg the P&L Statement & Balance Sheet).   Are you referring to some beyond this?



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Thank you for your comments in regards to this idea, much appreciated.

I think @Peter_Gardner was referring to MYOB Essentials, not AccountRight in which it is possible. However I'm sure Peter will confirm.

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I have a new client that is using Xero...they are using Apple's so the online platform allows them to easily share information with us...and thus we were looking at putting them onto an online accounting software package thus using Essentials rather than Account Right.  They were effectively sub-accounting using a an extended chart of account that was then grouped for reports.  I wanted to break down motor vehicle expenses across fuel, R & M, rego and Essentials I have to use full account codes to do this with a much more cluttered profit and loss.  I also liked the way they were sub-accounting owners drawings with account grouping.  This is much needed.