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Account lists: Header accounts

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Can you please comment on why MYOB Essentials does hot have the ability to have Headers.


This is a important part of reporting to business owners eg Salaries - Directors and Salaries - Staff should always be separated.


I have used MYOB since 1998 and cannot understand why Headers would be removed from a Accounts List.


The big advantage that MYOB had over tax preparation software like Solution 6 is that the Chart of Accounts (now Accounts List) could be modified to suit the management needs of every different business.


MYOB should be encouraging Business Owners to use MYOB regularly for decision making purposes.


We now have a subscription model which forces business owners to have the latest version.

This is good for decision making purposes but I cannot stress enough the importance of a functional Accounts List.


Duncan Smith

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Current Status: Done
Last Changed: June 2018

Hi Everyone

I'm pleased to announce that Header Accounts have been added to MYOB Essentials.

For more information on this function please see MYOB Essentials Blog Article: Improved reporting with headers, quantities and more

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Hello @JamesSullivan 


Yes I can see how this feature will help you and all the other clients needing to group the accounts. I encourage anyone else that would like this in future upgrades to click on the Vote+ button and leave your comments. 


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I can't understand why MYOB Essentials does not have Header & Sub accounts. As the ATO requires that some expenses etc are broken down I would have thought that this function is "ESSENTIAL".  When can we expect to see this upgrade.

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The ability to use sub accounts under headers should be a standard feature in any accounting software these days. It greatly enhances reporting options and flexibilty.

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This issue is particularly prevalent in the Expense area. It would be a good idea if Essentials had some standar Expense groups like it does in the Asset/Liability/Equity Accounts.

There is a workaround you can do at this stage:

Set a "header" account as a normal detailed account but perhaps use capitals. Set the account as inactive so it cannot be used in Sales/Purchases.

In the Accounts list screen, click on the option to show inactive Accounts.

You can then export your Profit and Loss to Excel and use those inactive accounts as Subtotals...

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I am transferring from many years of having used account right to Essentials it is very difficult to make comparisons as there are NO Account Headers available in Essentials.

Could MYOB please review this and add the facility.

Johnat Canning

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Hello @Johnatcanning


Thank you for your comments, I have shared them with the team. 


I encourage any one that would like to see this in a future upgrade please do vote and comment. 

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I am all for headers too, they are one of the better attributes of MYOB, so I am disappointed with this aspect of the new essentials package.

We are contemplating changing to the Essentials program but won't until it the headers are added, it would be like going backwards.

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Hi @confused_123

Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea and MYOB Essentials.

Along with commenting for an idea on the MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange you might like to show your support by voting. To vote for an idea select the + VOTE Button to the left of the idea's name.

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Totally agree that Headers are a necesary tool to "make things easier" when running comparisons on previous years and a "snapshot" on a group of expenses

I have recently changed from Accountright and am continually finding lots of features I used to use a lot are no longer available to me.

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Yes, I have used MYOB for many many years and just started using Essentials for my daughter's business. I am very frustrated that Header Accounts are not available , it makes organising the P & L so much easier