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Account lists: Header accounts

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Can you please comment on why MYOB Essentials does hot have the ability to have Headers.


This is a important part of reporting to business owners eg Salaries - Directors and Salaries - Staff should always be separated.


I have used MYOB since 1998 and cannot understand why Headers would be removed from a Accounts List.


The big advantage that MYOB had over tax preparation software like Solution 6 is that the Chart of Accounts (now Accounts List) could be modified to suit the management needs of every different business.


MYOB should be encouraging Business Owners to use MYOB regularly for decision making purposes.


We now have a subscription model which forces business owners to have the latest version.

This is good for decision making purposes but I cannot stress enough the importance of a functional Accounts List.


Duncan Smith

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Current Status: Done
Last Changed: June 2018

Hi Everyone

I'm pleased to announce that Header Accounts have been added to MYOB Essentials.

For more information on this function please see MYOB Essentials Blog Article: Improved reporting with headers, quantities and more

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Hi @annc

Thank you for your feedback and comments in regards to this idea

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It is really disappointment that Essentials doesn't have Headers which is the basic function for the account list. I know even CCH IFirm has that and is much better than Essential on this.

SBE also need to make report more meaningful and neat. Please hurry up to update and relase new version.

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Hi @Pratibha


Thank you for sharing your feedback and voting for this particular idea. I have passed on your feedback to the team.

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We all know that Essentials is just a Simple program and to be told this every time an essential feature is requested of Essentials is infuriating as  I think even MYOB would agree that Essentials will become  it's  flagship and hopefully a competitor to the fast growing Xero, as both programs offer an online multi platform (windows or Apple) solution.


MYOB it is time that you stop telling us to vote on these essential Essentials updates otherwise users and accountants will vote with their feet and move to an online program that does have job costing and headers.  We have been asking for headers and job costing since Essential first came out.


MYOB shareholders be warned that if these 2 essential features are not added on shortly the share price will fall as Xero market share growth continues.

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I have just done a search on ?Header feature request....there are so many requests for this feature it must rank as one of the highest requests...enough of telling us how to vote....we have voted for this feature numerous times evey time this reocurring request comes up.  TELL US WHEN IT IS SCHEDULED to be implemented....or YES we will VOTE with our feet and move to Xero.

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Dear MYOB,


As I recently recommended the Essential to a few clients that doesn't have no header function available, I am currently in very awkward situations to clients' finance teams.


One client already paid whole annual fee but seriously considering to switch to Xero & four others changed their mind to go for Xero because of the issue.


MYOB might think this is not a big deal. However, people leaving becuase of this.


I contacted MYOB for this but a consultant tried to start argue with me and was saying almost in a way that header is no necessary. The consultant has an accounting degree & background!!


Is MYOB trying to ignore this issue as is nothing? or Consultants are trained to say in that way? or there are only 18 votes which apparently be looked as a minor issue & makes thinking ONLY 18 Voices out of thousands of accountants & bookkeepers?


PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUS! Good & reasonable service will bring the money & reputation!

PLEASE Don't just go a MYOB way and force to people to abide by.

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Hi @7Accountant @JamesSullivan


Thank you very much for your feedback. Our developers do agree with you that the current Account lists in Essentials Accounting can be improved.


Our develops are looking of ways to making Account Lists more flexible and more comprehensive in the near future, we will be posting updates when we have more details.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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The ability to sub account is a critical function that we would expect in any type of general ledger or bookkeeping product. The lack of this basic function is preventing our clients from even considering Essentials or Cashbook. When will this function be available?

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Hi there,


I have a new client using Essentials version & must say I find it most annoying we can't have sub-accounts as per AccountsRight version. 

It's such a basic requirement for sub-totals & rolled up totals for things like Computing Expenses (equipment, software, support, etc), & Motor Vehicle costs (rego, insurances, fuel, tolls, maintenance, etc).

ATO wants these items broken down to that level but client wants rolled-up level for reporting & Profit/Loss.


Please can it be added to next update for Essentials ?!

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Hi Vicki,


I have voted for this again even though there are many other requests for this feature. The funny thing is that MYOB keep telling us that the large price increase to the software is because there have been so many new features added to the software.


It's a shame that the 'new features' are not the features that make the software easier to use or features that the users really need.


Fingers crossed.