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Bank transactions: Transfer - Auto-populate manually create transfer transaction




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If I transfer money from one account to another and it comes up in a bank feed,


When I press the option to allocate it to a transfer between accounts,

and then manually create an entry, i wish the amount would be pre-entered into the form.


I always have to go back, look at the amount, write it down and then go to manually enter the transfer again.


Massive pain.


"Record a transfer between accounts"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: June 2022

Hi Everyone

When selecting Transfer money from a bank transaction and needing to create a new transfer money transaction the Date, Bank account from and amount are automatically populated for you.

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Yes this is a biggie for me too


ARight does it beautifully - just please copy across to Essentials asap


Thanks a lot

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Yes please - definately needs a clean up.

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I would like to be able to set up a rule for these transfers too.

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I would like to be able to use this feature as well

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Hi. At present whenever a transfer transaction appears in the Banking window from a bank feed, it is necessary to make a note of the details (date, amount, accounts etc.) and then create a manual transfer from the "Allocate" dropdown.  Rather than this, would it be possible to include all Cash, Cheque and Credit Card accounts into the accounts list available for allocation in the dropdown list as this would save considerable inconvenience.


As it stands, it is not possible to create a "Rule" for these transfers which is quite a nuisance when so many are recurring weekly (ie. credit card repayments, transfer to GST accounts, etc.).


Has anyone else found this to be inconvenient?


Cheers....  Nick



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I agree Nick, it is very inconvenient and I think easily solved.

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I'd be interested to hear from MYOB whether they are considering changing this in the near future or whether it will be ignored.

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I have recently posted a similar comment regarding this suggestion before realising that this post was in progress.


There is no doubt that this functionality would be a massive improvement as many transactions that feed into our Essentials transactions via bank feeds are internal transfers of one type or another (ie. Credit Card repayment, transfer to investment account, etc.).  Apart from the inconvenience of having to make a note of the details of a transaction (ie. amount, date, etc) and then create a manual transfer, this also means that it is not possible to create a "Rule" for these transfers which is quite a nuisance.


All of this inconvenience would be very simply solved by adding all accounts to the 'Allocate' list in the banking window.  I hope that MYOB will give our voices a strong consideration.


Cheers....   Nick

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Thank you for your post, votes and comments. We understand making some changes to how Bank Transfers are dealt with in Essentials would make the allocation and reconciliations of these much easier. We request others who would like to see these changes to please continue to vote and add any relevant comments. 

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This appears similar to the old PREPARE BANK DEPOSITS that was available in the desktop version of MYOB. The difference is that in transferring funds betwen accounts, Prepare Bank Deposit was used for MULTIPLE transactions being deposited into the Cheque Account. If this is what you mean, or you would use this feature too, vote for PREPARE BANK DEPOSIT by qwerty (