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Banking: ABA file generation for Supplier payments




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Good Afternoon


I just came accross this with a client and couldn't believe that this feature was available.  


Our client is on MYOB Essentials and wanted to create an ABA file for bills being paid today.  As this has  been implemented for Payroll it seems only natural that this would be done for supplier invoices as well.


This needs to be implemented as soon as possible as it is very difficult to recommend a client to move to MYOB Essentials when there is no ABA file creation for payments to be made.  This client operates using a Mac so they are limited with MYOB online offerings.  




Bianca Middleton


"ABA file generation for Bills in MYOB Essentials"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: June 2022

Hi Everyone

MYOB Essentials will allow users to set up and make supplier payments using a bank file (ABA file).

Check out Help Article: Paying suppliers and employees electronically for more information.

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i agree. I am new to Essentials and just assumed that I can upload an ABA file for paying bills and just discovered we can't. I have to go back to my client now and, embarrasingly, tell them that I can't do that after I told them it can easily be done with ABA files. 

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I agree with all my heart.


We are on the verge of changing solutions if this is not implemented. As our business has grown so has the number of payments we need to make on a daily basis.  If this feature is not going to be made available we will seriously be moving away from MYOB essentials.


Please let us know if this is in the pipeline for implementation.



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Agree, this should be implemented.


Question - MYOB are now charging for each transaction over a threshhold per month (not happy with this!). Creating an ABA file for supplier payments would reduce the number of transctions going through MYOB - does this also reduce MYOBs ability to make extra money on those excess transactions?

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In my decision to migrate from AccountRight Plus to Essentials (for simplicity) I was surprised this feature wasn't included; especially in the face of the function existing (and very elegant!) for payroll.


I look forward to seeing this enhancement!  

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Came across from AccountRight Plus to Essentials. Have been using ABA files for paying suppliers.

So  so easy. Makes it a very long process otherwise.


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I would like to submit an idea to have electronic payments occure through MYOB Essentials 

In the way that the Bookkeepper creates all the Purchase Orders --> then makes Payments -->

sends payment info to an Electronic Clearing account which is then paid for by the Bank Account Authoriser.

The way it was with M-Powered


Kind Regards

Thea Nisiforou


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I download a file for payment for employees but why not be able to download one for paying invoices?  Would make it super easier!

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this would help a lot!!

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As it is past a year on, is there any idea as to when this will be happening?


Thank you



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There needs to be a feature where a bulk payment of bills can be uploaded to the bank.  otherwise it is double handeling but entering all the detail of the bill to manage accounts payable and then manulaay adding them to the back to be paid