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Banking: Allocating multiple bank transfers to the one payroll transaction




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Hi there,

I recently experienced an issue where my payroll was entered correctly, but the payroll officer made erroneous take home bank transfers to the staff.  As soon as she realised her mistake, she made a second transaction to those staff members that were underpaid to ensure that they received the correct take home amount. So, everything is correct - it's just that some staff were paid for one pay week in two transactions.


Unfortunately, the MYOB live Accounts does not allow you to allocate multiple bank transfers to the one payroll transaction.  I thought there must be a way, so I went onto online support to see if they could help.  As it turns out there is no way and the recommendation was to redo 2 payrolls to precisely match the two net amounts remitted.  I believe that this is a very poor solution.  The integrity of the payroll records should be maintained.  The payroll record is absolutely correct.  It records the hours worked, gross, tax, super and take home pay.  It's just that the take home pay was paid in 2 transactions.  I should not have to fabricate 2 payroll runs to match the two bank transfers.  I strongly believe that the accounting software should allow the allocation of multiple bank transfers to the one payroll transaction.


The software already allows for employees to receive pay "split" into seperate amounts within the Employee Pay setup section - but this is not the same scenario.


Additionally, some staff were overpaid.  In order to adjust for this, the payroll officer paid a lesser amount (by the amount of the overpayment from the previous week) in the following weeks pay to those overpaid staff members.  In this event, we have 2 payroll runs and two payments.  The individual transactions for the two weeks do not match, but they do reconcile precisely to the right payment having been remitted.


I think basically what needs to be able to happen is that any payment should be able to be allocated to any outstanding payroll transactions (or part there of).


Would be interested to hear developer thoughts on this.


"Allocating multiple bank transfers to the one payroll transaction"

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Last Changed: October 2013

Thanks for the great idea Sinbad. I can understand how having the ability to match 2 bank feed transactions to one payroll could be a time saver as it saves you manually deleting the pay and processing a split pay to match the amounts as per our support note here. For any users that would love to see this feature, please show your support by adding further votes and comments.

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Hi @MartialEnergy 


Since it sounds like there will be two transfers from the bank, it would be best to process two payruns. One for the normal weekly amount and one for the Bonus amount. Then you'll be able to match the separate Essentials transactions with the separate bank transactions.

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Hi @Emile The problem now is that the PAYG isnt included in the bonus. This is my first scenario: Normal pay: $1000 Bonus: $320 ($40 an hour at 8 hours work) After PAYG, combined this gave me $1038 payable. Deducting the normal $822, left $216 therefore that was the amount given as the bonus amount and deposited to the employee. As i have used your method of deleting the whole transaction and creating one for the normal pay It has the amounts at $822 after tax and when i create the separate transaction for the bonus, it doesn't show any PAYG payable. Therefore it leaves the amount at $320 where as my bank statement shows $216 so i still dont match.

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Hi @MartialEnergy,


Thank you for the update. I'm sorry the issue is still not resolved.


In this instance I would recommend Deleting the second Pay run (the one for the Bonus) and redoing it with manually changing the PAYG figures to arrive at the same end result as the original.


I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused by having to do this manually. I've followed this up with our product development team.


Thank you for your patience in the meantime.



MYOB Support 

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With payrolls, it is good practice to create a liability account called something like Payroll Clearing. Instead of taking the net pay directly to the bank account, credit the Payroll Clearing account. Then take up the actual payments from the Bank Statement or cheques and debit the Paroll Clearing account. It is a bit of extra processing, but If you short pay someone and the payroll run is correct, you simply pay the short fall, debit payroll clearing from the bank statement or cheque, and this will then clear the outstanding credit amount (which would have been the difference). This practice also helps you to avoid a situation where you make an ad hoc wages payment and debit the wages account and forrget to process it through payroll. In this case it would now sit as a debit on the payroll clearing account and you would pick up the fact that you had not processed the payroll for this amount when you reconcile the account. This is good practice even if you create an EFT file from the payroll as it avoids the second scenario.

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Hi there,


I have the same problem where I have 2 bank transactions for payroll and would like this feature added to MYOB online for greater flexibility.

I know the workaround now although it is not a great one.


Thanks Julie

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 Just some feedback for the developers - you are likely to lose a customer over this very simple issue with your software


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Thanks for your feedback @GeoComm, I will share it with the team.


All the best,

Jason Hill
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Adding my own reiteration on the same topic, which I originally posted in a separate topic.  This does not seem like an onerous change, even if it is a checkbox to "show more transactions" from the default ones that come up.  The current workarounds are stupidly painful.  So clearly I cannot choose the cup in front of me am voting for this.




There are a couple of times I have paid an employees single pay in two parts... there are a couple of reasons why I have had to do this... but my point is if you DO do this it is impossible to balance the bank transactions when they come through.


When it comes to bank transactions, it will not display any matching items (i.e. a pay) that is greater than the amount of that single bank transaction.  So in the case where the pay has gone in in two parts, I just cannot allocate the bank transactions to the pay.  I have to retract the payslip, manually break it up into two parts that match the bank transactions (which can be interesting) to match them up.


Why can we not allocate two bank transactions to a single pay?  Can this be changed?




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Hi @mckenzieaj

Thank you for feedback and voting for this idea. I have shared your thoughts with the team.

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I am having this same issue, and I am surprised that nothing has been done to make this less of a headache as it has been raised since july 2013-that's getting close to two years!!!

It should be possible to pay in two parts but still match to Payroll as it is all correct -just the payment made in two parts by mistake, so now i guess I will need to delete the pay then reenter in two parts --hopefully getting all the parts that need to be correct for the tax office just to match the two bank deposits-instead of being able to match two payments to the payroll transaction --why is it that technology often makes life so much more difficult instead of easier as we are lead to believe???