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Contacts: Individual Payment Terms





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We need to be able to apply Payment Terms to Individual Customers. We suggest for this to be an option to be set up under the customer details.


Currently you can only set the payment terms at a global level and have to change it every time you create an invoice for a customer with different payment terms than what has been set as default.


Can you please look at this asap as this would save time & improve efficiency!


"Individual Payment Terms (customers and suppliers)"



Current Status: Open
Last Changed: August 2012

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In Essentials ... Set Payment terms ... Every time you enter a new contact you have the option to enter their payment terms 7 days, 14 days, etc thereby whenever you select that contact for the supplier of the bill and you enter the date of the bill, you automatically get the payment due date pop up.

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Great to see users ideas being acted on. The most recent additions are very welcome. As a follow on from the payment terms, it would be great to see the payment terms upgrade added to the contacts tab as well. When setting up a new contact, whether customer or supplier, it would be advantageous to set a default payment terms for that contact.

It's great to see the ability to add individuals on invoicing as our customers are individual patients. It would also be advantageous for individual records to be sorted by surname. It's the way the world searches and it allows for couples to be under the same record.


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This is such a pain as we have both commercial & private clients and are often changing payment terms!! Would love this asap!!!

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Thanks for your comment @rhave  We prioritise changes to Essentials based partially on the popularity of the idea on our idea exchange. We measure this using the votes on the idea. I'd recommend that you vote for this idea if you'd like to see it implemented.


To vote, ensure that you are logged into the Community Forum, and then click the purple 'vote' button just to the left of the original idea post.

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I am assisting a client with a MYOB Live Essentials file setup and an important tab from AccountRight is not evident in MYOB Live Essentials - the selling details for customers tab which was in the card file options when using AccountRight. 


Is it possible to get the selling details for customers to be included in the edit customer details screen? Something very simple, similar to AccountRight that makes the customers auto default to the designated terms (e.g. 7 days from invoice date, 30 days from EOM, 30 days from Invoice date etc.). At the moment, MYOB Essentials only gives you the option to change the invoice terms manually for each invoice (if it different to your default terms in the settings area), which means that the bookkeeper will need to know the terms for each individual customer, which can be a hard task when you have over 100 different customers. 


It is a pivotal tool to use for keeping ontop of cashflow requirements and will be a small adjustment to existing contact details. 



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It would be helpful to put payment terms into the 'contacts' details of the suppliers so that the correct due by date appears when inputting invoices.  eg.  20th of the following month, 7 days, etc.  

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Hi @TriciaPolk 

Thank for your idea in regards to Essentials and adding in Supplier Terms.

Currently you are unable to set terms for Supplier cards. If you are required to enter a due date you would have to do it manually on the Bill when you enter it. 

I would encourage other members of the MYOB Community that would like to  see terms be added in for Suppliers to vote and comment if required.

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Please can we have invoice due date calculated by supplier terms.  In New Zealand suppliers normally agree standard credit terms, such as, seven days from date of invoice or, most commonly, 20th month following date of invoice.

It is a real pain to have to set this up with each invoice received. Also, if the due date is entered when an invoice is in split view, any due date is overwritten when the split window is closed, necessistating in the date having to be entered again.

I'm sure other Essentials users in New Zealand would support this change.

Cheers, Ray

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Hi @RayNZ


Thank you for your comments in regards to MYOB Essentials and Supplier terms. I have shared it with the team.

Along with commenting you can show your support for an idea on the MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange by voting. To vote for an idea you would select the + VOTE button to the left of the Idea's name.

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I have multiple customer and have different payment terms for some clients. I suggest that when you setup the client you can put in their payment terms instead of having a re-occuring which does not always work.


Could you please look into this.


Thanks Greg