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Create invoice payments: Retain window open after saving transaction

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Can you please consider allowing for the current window to remain open until you exit back out the "home" screen.

ie:  When I want to do multiple, different customer payments I need to select SALES>TAKE PAYMENTS after every single customer. 


"Reatin the current window you're working in"

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This request was posted 2 years ago and MYOB still have not taken this into account when they developed MYOB Business.

There is nothing more frustrating as a bookkeeper than having to constantly reopen the 'Create Invoice Payments' page when processing multiple invoice payments for a client.  Some clients only have their bookwork transacted at BAS time (every 3 months), which means we will have 3 months worth of invoice payments to allocate, but the payment window will close after every single payment is allocated.


It is not merely a single click to return to the payments window as we need to do the following, each and every time:

1.  select 'Sales'

2.  select 'Create Invoice Payment'

3.  select 'Customer'

4.  select 'Bank account'

5.  select the applicable payment date (the date automatically defaults back to today's date each time the window closes)

6.  enter a Memo

7.  select the applicable invoice

If the window was to stay open after a payment is allocated, the list would be substantially reduced.


After 2 years and the release of a new platform (MYOB Business), we would expect our opinions and comments to be considered by MYOB, but sadly MYOB stop listening to clients after we read out our credit card number.


Cheers...   Nick





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Thank you for your suggestion. Your idea/feedback has been passed to the relevant team.