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Create journal entry: Ability to tab through window




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When entering general journals we are unable to tab through when entering data. 


Using Google Chrome on Mac book air (brand new Oct 2014 with latest software).


Also it would be nice if we could copy journals...same idea as copy invoices.



Omni Payroll Team.  


"Tab Through General Journal & Copy Journals"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: June 2022

Hi Everyone

Within the Create general journal window in the newer MYOB Essentials platform, users can now tab into fields and navigate using the Tab key.

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Thanks for your suggestion @omnipayroll. Anyone else who would like the ability to tab from field to field while entering general journal entries, please cast your vote here so that we can gauge the popularity of this idea.

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I dont understand how this popularity contest to have the tab button working like it should in a bookkeeping program can occur. Before MYOB moved to cloud, desktop software had perfect functionality with the tab button, please review this functionality on the cloud version of software as its most frustrating having to double and tripple click with a mouse to engage a cell to enter data that should only take a few seconds not minutes.

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Hi @PurpleHat 

Thank you for your comments and feedback, I have shared it with the team.

The votes on the AccountRight Idea Exchange for an idea gives the development team an indication of how many MYOB Community Forum users are looking for an idea. The larger the number of votes an idea gets the greater the demand and therefore the higher chance it will get implemented into the software. This doesn't mean that an idea with no votes will not get a implemented, each and every idea is presented to the team.

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I vote for both tabbing and being able to copy journals. I can't even trick the system using two screens!


PS it needs to be much easier to vote too. It just took me 1/2 an hour to set myself up to post cos every version of my name is taken and all the random items on my desk have been used as names too!!

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Hi @Anynamewildo, Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry you had to resort to Any name will do as your screen name. With over 80,000 registered users I can imagine it it starting to get tricky to find one that is yet to be used. Thank you very much for persevering. It's fantastic that you are now a registered forum user and have been able to vote and comment on this idea. Please do let us know if you have any queries regarding MYOB products and services. We'd be happy to assist.

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I have just counted the mouse clicks it takes to enter a simple General Journal in MYOB Essentials. 17. This has been the biggest thorn in my side since switching to your online software. The desktop version allowed for the use of the Tab key and also let me set a default bank account which would automatically be used unless I wanted to change it.


This online software means that it now takes me at least 4 times longer to do my accounts compared to the older stand alone version. Is there a way to fix these issues, or are they going to be addressed in the near future?


I am at the point of starting to look for other alternatives as my time is far better spent doing other things and MYOB is just not cutting it any more.

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This is massively frustrating.  Based on MYOB's sales pitch I have been suggesting to clients that they switch to Essentials.  Now that I am trying to deal with the first client to switch over I am finding it very frustrating.  It's absolutely basic that we should be able to tab between fields when entering a journal.

I'm not inetersted in voting either.  Just fix it please!

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I concur - inability to use account numbers and also tab through sections is a timewaster.  Needs to be improved quickly.

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As an addendum to the previous post, perhaps if the programmers had to use the software and got paid for and had to justify to clients the time spent doint data entry  the system would be more efficient. 


Essentials was supposed to be a more advanced technology but it has gone backward in this area.  It is not only professional bookkeepers and accountants that get frustrated with this scenario, clients throw their hands up in horror and can't understand why they have to 'click' so many times.  We are selling it on the basis of simple and efficient, but the data entry is time consuming..

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Two ideas here in one based on feedback from an Accountant.

1 - When creating a Journal you can only enter by Description.  It would be fantastic to be able to enter the Code.  I.e. instead of typing "sales" the ability to enter the chart code "200" instead.  

2 - After entering the code it would be greta for it toautotab tothe next field.  This will greatly improve efficency within a practice