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Invoices: Include reference field to what invoice is

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Hi ,


When you look at the list of invoices only Invoice numbers, customers, data, amount, status etc are seen. If there was a column showing a reference to what the invoice is then it would be helpful to figure out which invoice relates to what. I am currently keeping a separate spreadsheet with Invoice numbers matched to POs, project codes etc. 





"Reference in invoice listing"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: February 2015

Thanks for your great suggestion @RonyS.  Anyone else who would like to see some information about what an invoice is for in the invoices list screen, please cast your vote here. I would also strongly encourage you to leave a comment stating where this information should come from. For instance do you want to use the notes field from the invoice entry screen, or did you want a new field to be added to invoices for this purpose.

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The only unique field for an invoice on the invoices list page is the invoice number. I frequently have to open and view several invoices for a given customer before I can find the one of interest as my invoice numbers are not at all descriptive. Could there by a byline or subtitle just below the invoice number or customer field for each invoice line (similar to the Note field in banking transactions) where I could add a brief comment to distinguish between invoices. Preferably this would be a (one line) field available for entry on the invoice creation page that would then appear below or against the invoice on the list of invoices page.

A similar subject line for bills and quotes would be good too,but quickly identifying invoices is more of a priority for me.




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This would be a great help and even better (for me) is being able to link a customer invoice to a supplier invoice. That would be fantastic way to manage cost of sales on a transaction by transaction basis.


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It would be even better if all the fields in the invoices were searchable. I use the note field to enter car details. I often need to find invoices related to a particular car, and it can't be done. I did find a way by generating a sales transaction report, which shows the initial lines of the notes, and then searching its PDF version. However, they have recently modified the format of the sales transaction report and it now shows much less information from the notes. So I can't use this trick any more, not in the way as before. I had to rearrange the order in which I list the details of the cars so that the rego comes first. This way I can still search, but only in the more recent invoices, not all the invoices. 


I did submit a request for this improvement more than once before. Is it really so hard to make this possible? 

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We also have the same dilemma.  I was thinking maybe have the linked invoice shown when the mouse is hovered over the attachment icon.

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Hi Steven,


Any update on this one?






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Hi @andrewbourner

At this stage we don't have a timeframe for when this particular idea will be placed into development and implemented into the program. However we are still encouraging clients to vote and comment if required for this particular idea if they would like to see it in future versions of MYOB Essentials.

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I have had to move the bulk of my operations to Xero due this very problem. Not really bothered at the moment with the resolution of this issue.

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Bought up 6 years ago... not much hope of it ever happeneing is there?? Its so simple, a reference field when entering an invoice for a job refence to go in to make life easy. Just like xero. So simple, but MYOB loves to make things hard for some reason??