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Items: Set negative price for items (discounts)




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Since the new upgrade, I can no longer use my premade discounts because you can't use negative values in invoices.

This was handy because I could jst type the Item ID, hit ENTER or TAB and it was done.

Now I either have to have create additional items with discounted values built in (EXTRA WORK) or manually add a discount % to an invoice and then edit the description line to explain what the discount was for. The discount percentages aren't always whole numbers (i.e. 10%, 25%), but often varying values, so this is a pain too.

I'd not to have the ability to use my old premade discounts!


"Items with Negative Values (Discounts)"

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So I tried adding a discount item by putting in -0.10 to add this discount line item to an invoice but I keep getting an error that it should be equal to or above zero?? something like that.. why like that? I came/coming over from Zoho and this is how it is done. documentation says to enter a negative value, but the frigin thing doesnt work..


can someone help or advise of a way that I can add a discount to an invoice or quoation?