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MYOB Essentials - Recurring Invoices

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Can you please add automatic emailing (sending to client) of recurring invocies as they are created in MYOB ESSENTIALS?


What is the point of setting up recurring transactions if you have to log in every day, week or month after the invoice is "created" just to email/send it to the client every time?


If I want to send a "recurring" invoice, it means just that, send the **bleep** thing out on that particualr day each time for however many times I want it to or until whatever date - not just create an invoice for me this many times and I'll just make a note in my diary to come back and press "send email" each time because I don't trust what I've already set up. 


The whole point of automation is to have less touch points, and for the automation to work end to end and a chieve a task, not just do one bit out of 5 and you have to go in and babysit and nudge it along every step - please let's think about real business application - we don't live to log into MYOB every day.


It seems every other accounting package has this except MYOB, (wave, xero, zoho) and essentials was supposed to be the MYOB's answer to the cloud. If my accountant wasn't forcing me to use MYOB (because they've been on it since Noah was buiding his Ark, and it's "easier for them"), I would definitely recommend using something else. (Side note - even the accountant that uses MYOB uses another package for their monthly recurring invoicing - if that is not a hint, I dont know what is).


Please add this functionality as a priority (I'm sure it is not that hard).


Thank you for your time.

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Hi @Cookie-Monster 


Thank you for sharing your feedback.


We valued and appreciate your feedback/ suggestion and we will relay this to the relevant team. We will make sure to keep you updated on newly released features.


Please feel free to post again. We are more than happy to assist.