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Need to be able to edit page descriptions in Report Packs





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As good as the new Report Packs initally appear to be, we really need a bit more flexability to be able to produce a truly professional looking set of reports.


Firstly:  when a report is added to a pack, the report's name is used as the default description in the Table of Contents page.  The TOC page should use the report's description rather than the name.  I have a number of similar but different customised reports with slightly different names.  These names are my cryptic form so I can differenciate between similar reports.  My cryptic name has no meaning to the client and the description should simply read 'Profit and Loss' in the Table of Contents no matter which report I am using for that client.


Secondly:  and in a similar way, when you upload a PDF file into the report, the raw file name is shown in the TOC.  This is very unprofessional as it still contains the .PDF extension.  This needs to be editable in the TOC so that it is possible to produce reports that do not look like they have been patched together.


Finally:  (for today) once you have uploaded a file to the report - and edited it's name for the TOC - you should be able to re-order it so it appears in it's most appropriate sequence in the report.  At the end of the report is not always the most appropriate place for all uploaded pages.


Am I wishing for too much from the development team?