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Payroll: Contractor superannuation payments




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MYOB should make it easier to add a contractor in a similar way to employee.


In OZ the super rules have changed and all Contractors have to be paid the 10.5% SG rate. Each time they invoice its a different amount. Surely a gap in the software.


Have a way to set up a contractor list with all details including super fund details, bank accounts etc and then you can enter the invoice amount, Super is calculated automatically and then put through on Payroll like employees.


The current work around is, having them as a supplier,  and then signing them up as an empoyee also. This doesnt really work as you need to list how many hours they work etc etc which is all N/A to contractors.


And you need to manually calculate their Superannuation payment based on the invoice amount.  very time consuming and defeats teh purpose of paying for accounting software really!


"Contractor Superannuation Payments automated'