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Payroll: Long Service Leave Accrual

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It would be great to have long service accrual recorded similar to annual leave. This not only useful for employee but essential for employers. It is available on AccountRight why not make it available here. I feel like I'm going backwards in giving my employees information they need. Please make this a priority on Essentials. Can't be too hard. Cheers

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: July 2022

Hi Everyone


Thank you for showing your support and sharing your feedback for this idea.

MYOB Essentials allows users to set up their own leave pay items. This does mean that you can set up a Long Service Leave pay item.

For more information on this topic please see Help Article: Creating pay items.

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I could not agree more.  It is not satisfactory to have a payroll system that does not cover all of an employers obligations.



Please consider an update to the software ASAP !!!!!

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How do you record your employees or keep track of LSL ?


This is a standard feature of payroll ?

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Totally agree... have just made the switch to Essentials from Account Right and are finding quite a few things that were necessary standard features for our business no longer available to me with Essentials.... Not very happy!!

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Thank you for your post, comments and votes. I understand it would be great to be able to setup and accrue Long Service Leave in MYOB Essentials. We hope to introduce it in a  future update of the software. In the meantime we request everyone wanting this function to please continue to vote and add comments. 


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This would be a great functionality to add to the system !!!!!

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Cmon Myob - this should be a no brainer.


Long Service Leave is critical to any accounting system.


This should be an absolute priority.

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Thank you for your post, @tkal


We understand you would like to be able to track Long Service Leave in Essentials. As mentioned this request has been passed on to our product development team.


The recent separation of Payroll in Essentials will enable us to incorporate further functionalities within Payroll. We will keep you posted.


We appreciate your patience in the meantime. 



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Tracking LSL is Essential - a statutory requirement - so MYOB Essentials is lacking.

Not to even have the ability to enter a pay category once for all employees - very poor.

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Hello @Tomr 


Thank you for your feedback in regards to the long service leave in Essentials, I have sheared this with the team.


Kind regards,



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We have switched to MYOB Essentials from Premier and had no idea that we would not be able to track LSL.  On an earlier post and reply given was that this would be released in a later version.  Can you please tell me when/if this is happening?


I agree - this is a statutory requirement.  Hard to believe I am using a product (especially one as respected as MYOB) that does not cater for this.