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Payroll: Timesheet function

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What wud it take to put a simple

timesheet system in Myob Essentials?


"Payroll and timesheets in Myob Essentials"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: January 2017

Hi everyone,


Thank you all for your interest in this idea. Timesheets are now available through the mobile web application MYOB YourPay. More details and instructions can be found on this Online Help article:


Employee timesheets and payslips with YourPay


Kind regards,


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Thanks for your suggestion. I can certainly see how a simple timesheet system could speed up data entry for many users. Could anyone else who would like to see a timesheet system added to MYOB Essentials, please cast your votes here. Please also leave a comment letting us know how what you like to see in the timesheets feature, and how you'd use it.

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Yep - totally.  Its about the only thing we're missing to have a complete product.  Invoicing line items straight from data entered into the timesheet would be great.  Would save hours of duplicate entry in separate systems.

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Yes, definatley. Especially where employees could access and fill out their own, and not recorded unitl approved.

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Thank you very much for your feedback @SallyH and @NathanHead, I have shared it with the team, hopefully to see this feature enabled in the future. 

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Great idea; as a Mac user, I need to keep updating a spreadsheet with the next weeks dates, then enter the hours, add them up, have the employee sign them (or just provide them with a copy which is what I actually do) and then afetr the payrun, email the payslip and then take the spreadsheet and send a PDF version to the emplyee... there must be a better way!

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This would help alot to have a timesheet system on MYOB essentials.  I am used to using the MYOB Accounting plus and am having alot of problems changing over completely to the new system because of the gaps.  We run a farm and pay our staff for what they pick, which varies depending on the season and we also have them doing farm work.  It would be so good if there was payroll categories like the one I'm used to using.  Do you know if this is being looked at?


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Hi @Gabi001


Thank you for you for your feedback and voting for this particular idea.

At this stage the idea has been marked as Under Consideration. We don't have an estimated time frame for when this idea will be included in the program. However we are still encouraging clients to vote and comment if required for this particular idea.

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I'd like to see a timesheet feature. Also include allowances such as travel, telephone etc.

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Hi @schuey72

Thanks for your feedback in regards to this idea

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Upgrade MYOB Essentials to be as good as Quick Books and Zero by adding the following features:

Time sheets for staff in payroll

Support being fully paperless by being able to upload a receipt in spend money when banking.