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Prepare BAS or IAS: Printable copy of report

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I would like to see a full Printable BAS report inside MYOB Essentials similar to BAS Link in AccountRight or the BAS report in BankLink. At the moment it appears this is the only product on the market where this is not possible to produce. Clients have to run a GST report and Seperately a PAYG Report then manually add on the their FTC or Instalments. A very clumsy process. This information prefills in the BAS lodgement area so this is possible but you are unable to print this out and it requires you to be registered for online lodgement of BAS. My preference is that this would be a report in the report section of MYOB Essentials and that it was possible to add in the instalements, FBT and Fuel tax credits manually. 


"BAS Report"

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Im trying to do my first BAS, the SEP quarter. I dont want to lodge ours through MYOB cause we have international artists that have special witholdings we report in W3.


We would liek to manually prepare the BAS like we did in AccountEdge. Is the online lodgement through MYOB the only way to do it? if so... **bleep**!


Hopefully they fix it. But right now it says I have no BAS due (and I do, and its late) and I cant do BAS in Essentials until the Branch Number matches but I dont use Branch numbers in my business.


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You can print out a BAS report and GST report with details to double check from the reports tab.

Before you print the reports go to the accounting tab and click prepare bas then get started and when it comes up with can't retrieve your activity statement click on the settings button (on the right hand side half way down) then set up activity statement fields and say your income is over 10 million (even if its not) and it will let you add all your codes to the fields and then the GST report in reports will print out all the figures you need for your BAS

Hope that helps

I have been on hold to MYOB for an hour to ask how I am able to see the BAS figures without lodging online but worked this out while waiting.

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Please bring back the old report format for BAS with the clear lables G1 etc. The new format is not clear. Alot of the new essentials format makes easy things like coding bank transactions take much longer as it is very slow. This slowness and unclear layout is making me want to transfer to Xero.