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Purchases: Add attachments to transactions

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It would be great to have the ability to attach pdf to sales & purchases.  Then we could do away with paperbased filing!



Current Status: Done
Last Changed: November 2014

Thanks again for your great feedback. This week we launch our new Smart Bills functionality. You can find more detail on the Essentials Blog at We hope it helps make business life easier for you.

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Agreed! - This facility could also extend to include other items such as payroll where you could advise the staff of upcoming functions / training days / factory closures / holidays / PAYRISES!!!!! / bonuses etc by attaching a suitable flyer



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I agree. It would be useful to attach terms of business to sales invoices

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Yes i agree, nearly 2 years in the planning & development COME ON MYOB we are all waiting for this option...........

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To some extent, for many small businesses, their accounting system is at the heart of their whole administration. MYOB is the CRM, the database, the accounting programme, the mail merge application and so on. One thing that is missing is the ability to link attachments. Why bother filing and storing invoices and other documents when they can be scanned and attached to the actual transaction. When you use spend money to pay a bill you should be able to attach the supplier invoice to that transaction. Later on, when referring to the entry a user can open an attached PDF, MP3, hyperlink etc , which will give instant access to everything you could ever want to know about that payment. I see it as the ultimate filing system for a small business.

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For the complete solution, The ability to add attachments should in added in Sales, Purchases, Banking, Accounts and Cards.

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Thanks for your great Idea. We would love to see some more votes and comments.
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Also, attach to statements, eg. signed copy of an invoice as proof of delivery

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I Posted a reply to the following post:


but it stall stands so to add to the votes pelase note


I'm also keen to see a saved email to provide, as well as the ability to add attachments, one of the main functions that sold me for this software was that I was told this had those abilities already. I do love the software but even quote or invoice I need to email I sent to myself and then provide my message as well as attached our Terms & Conditons, images of our product and our booking forms.

I would love the ability to do this all within MYOB.

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Definately this would be great for invoices & statements!


Also do you have an ETA on when this will be done

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Many thanks for your feedback @ActionCranes. Unfortunately we don't have an ETA at the moment but will update the status on this post as soon as there is information from the product development team.


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