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Purchases: Remittance Advice




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I would like to have the function on my myob LiveAccounts to enable me to create a Remittance Advice to send to my suppliers to advise of a payment made. 


Currently when I print an expense (that has already been entered with a payment) to a supplier it produces a 'Purchase Order' document showing the expense, and the payment made.  However it would be more suitable for the document to be a 'Remittance Advice' and also have details on the document showing the bank information of the supplier in which the payment has been made to.




Current Status: Done
Last Changed: July 2022

Hi Everyone

Thank you for showing your support for this idea.

MYOB Essentials allows users to generate remittance advices for their payments.

Check out Help Article: Send remittance advices for more information.

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I honestly can't believe that this function is not avaiable.

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I'm really not sure why there isn't a feature to send remittance advices to suppliers in MYOB Essentials.  I would have thought that this would have been a standard function.  Please set this feature up, it is obviously something most people would make use of.  I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult for MYOB's IT department to implement this sooner rather than later.

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Would love to be able to email a remittance to a creditors as soon as ive done the payment.  Not runa report then export to a pdf then email the pdf.


i have myob essentials




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MYOB Essentials....please listen to your customers.......we need the remittance advice function. 

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I have found a post requesting this going back to about 2012 or 2013 - you guys are seroiously under performing when it comes to features for this product.


You could have had a great a product here instead you are serving up a sub standard laggin piece of software.


I am starting to get quotes to migrate my business to Xero - the cost and pain will be worth it.


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MYOB - any update on the idea of a remittance feature for MYOB Essentials? There are 6 pages of requests going back to 2013 just on this one feature. It is obviously something your customers require. For our business it would be so helpful. Looking forward to an update.

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This really needs to be included and I'm quite surprised it hasn't been MYOB. As an accountant, I would think you would want to be on the top of your game as the market leaders, and while I do, and have loved what you have done in the past, I have certainly felt there are those little things that you have dropped the ball on with your new offerings which i have been disappointed with. Lets get these features implemented ASAP so the professionals can continue to recommend your product to our clients as the best out there. 

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Seriously no response? 


MYOB you guys have lost the customer focus you used to have - you need to start responding or customers will start leaving.


Any updates or advice on this - I am having to pull out this manually for suppliers we just a payment for a supplier which included 20 differnet bills. 


By the end of the year I could have used the same amount of time to migrate to another useful product...


If this can not be done at leats gie us some decent reporting so we can pull this manually and put in excel.

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If this software is going to carry the name "Essentials" then it needs to at least have the essentials.


Being able to generate a remittance advice for suppliers is an "Essential".


Please, please MYOB can you get this added, this is not a suggested feature it is an "Essential" that should have been there from day one.


If you are serious about marketing this software to trading businesses then this is mandatory.     I have five entities running on this software and I'm getting itchy feet.

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Definately need this and have a function to click and email to supplier.