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Quotes: Change wording to be "Estimate"





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i would like to do estimation on it can i change the wording so i can?


"quote page"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: February 2015

Hi @Cree8

Thank you for your feedback in regards to MYOB Essentials and the Quote page.

Currently it will only show the wording "Quote". I would encourage other users that would like to see the option or the wording permanently charged to be estimation instead of quote to vote and comment if required.

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Please make an estimate option available ASAP!

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I have the comparative luxury of being able to revert to my previous accoutning package (Xero) after finding this (and may other non-business owner centric issues) -  sand I am going back as of 5 minutes from now.


It appears that MYOB have tried to shoe-horn an accounting package to fit with small business owners streamlined requirements but failed to make it work (this being one of many simple examples).


They really needed to start from a small business owners' perspective and work in what is actually needed to be compliant with various tax laws and just given the end-user what they needed but not too much else.


This is where Xero has succeeded.  Xero lost me with no AIM provisional tax functionality support but based on my recent migration experience, AIM is something that I can manage without...


Over and out Smiley Happy

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I'm too are looking to change the wording over from quote to estimate.

please add in the option.

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In this day and age with the volatility of service provision, I'd like to lead with "Estimate" as opposed to a "Quote" with a large amount of clause out text. Or even two separate options of providing an estimate or a quote.

Surely this can be done in MYOB, part of flexible business trading and keeping up with how things are at the moment. Any tips?

Having also received numerous estimates recently, seems common practice, but instead of manually creating them, would like to be able to use this MYOB system that is being paid for.

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Yes!! I would like the QUOTE to be changed to Estimate. With all the quick changes in pricing these days we cannot stick to the price that was quoted.