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Report: Balance Sheet - Comparison with period




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The recent release with the 'last year comparison' feature is nice, but if I'm preparing, for example, Sept 21 quarterly reports, I don't want to compare it to the Sept 20 quarter,  I want to be able to compare it to the June 21 quarter.


Is this feature under consideration?


"Balance Sheet comparison to prior period"

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It would be good to have the ability to generate a Balance Sheet that shows prior period comparative data within MYOB Essentials.


If possible, the option to show additional columns such as $ movement or % movement would be helpful also. 


Accountants preparing end-of-year financial statements cannot produce these in MYOB Essentials natively, and maybe they use other software outside of the MYOB ecosystem to produce financial statements.  MYOB Essentials doesn't have a report to show two balances side by side, as well as a calculation of the movement between 30 June 20X2 and 30 June 20X1.


Current workflow:

To have a balance sheet movement

1. Export the Balance Sheet at a current date once to Excel (20X2)

2. Then run the report again at the comparative date, and export to Excel (20X1)

3. Put 20X2 and 20X1 side by side in the same spreadsheet.

4. Insert rows to have the balance sheet accounts on the same line because there are new accounts.

5. Cut and paste if they have moved.

6. Add a formula to subtract the difference.

7. Now I can begin coding the movement of this report to my financial statements.