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Report: GST detailed report - Use Transaction memo

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When making bank rules (MYOB wants us to try and automate as much as we can) when items on the bank transactions screen are auto reconciled using these on the GST report these items just come up as the description of the bank rule rather than the description of what the bank has. Only the transactions that are manually reconciled are coming up with this (e.g. Below). As accountants we need to review what is in the GST report by checking they are correct by the bank narration.


As a work around we downloaded the GL transactions for this period however, we couldn’t see an option to remove any accounts not showing any movement (like other MYOB versions do). In saying this the GL transaction report doesn’t have a total column for the gross amount to check against the “amount column” gross in the example above. Nor the GST report does not have a column for net amount, one or other would be great.


"Essentials GL reporting"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: July 2022

Hi Everyone

The GST report in MYOB Essentials contains the memo field which will showcase the memo of the transaction.

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When entering bank statement transations in MYOB Essentials, I typed the details in the description box only to find out the general ledger report does not include this information and instead only has the Payee/Payer from the bank feed in the description column. This makes review of the transactions a long process to have to click into each transactions to view the description typed. Is there a way around this? Can the general ledger report be modified to include the description column?. Thanks.

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Hi, Totally agree with your point. Such a ridiculous reporign system. Even when I export tarnsactions to MYOB AO it still gives rule name in decription rather than actual transaction name. I rang Essentials about this before finding your post. They say essentials is a basic software & it does what it suppose to do. "Replace actual description with rule name". Such a weired explanation of unprofessional software development.

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Hi Everyone

The GST report in MYOB Essentials contains the memo field which will showcase the memo of the transaction.