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Reports: Export all reports to Excel

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Need to make all reports exportable to excel

Cant export trial balance to excel

Cant export GST reports to excel

Balance sheet exports account numbers and account description into separate columns yet P&L is concatenated - WHY?

All this makes it time consuming to prepare working papers


"Export reports to excel"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: July 2022

Hi Everyone

Thank you for all showing your support for this idea

MYOB Business allows for all reports to be exported to Excel.

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Hi Tana


See this link on some tips to export a PDF to excel there is a free tool you can use.   This might help you.

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Hi Tania

I've just read your note about exporting to Excel. I've just discovered today from one of the chat topics on "Historical Data Reporting" , you can actually export into excel by using a 30 day trial software from , Jeff Stephenson the owner is very helpful and he's on his company's live chat line as well.


Just load the excellink program onto your PC  where you can access your MYO data files, setup up the path of your MYO file, you can then access historical monthly and/or annual P&L, BSheet figures the latest Excel format.. It's pathetic that current MYOB software dont auto allow access to past financial years eg back to year of installation, its common business sense. I have used Quicken before and in my opinion, they are far more flexible with their historical reporting platform, without auto purging or lock out mechanism.



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Thanks Team!

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Hi Tom,


In Tania's original post she indicated that she is working with Essentials.


This is the on-line only product and does not have an MYO file.


Do you know if the utility you mentioned will work with Essentials?





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Hi there


I'm new to Essentials, coming from Account Right.

In Account Right I could look at all my invoices or purchases based on specific search criteria and then click the "Print" button to get it as a report and from there export to Microsoft Excel.


Any chance this will become availalbe in Essentials at any point?

PDF format is really for articles and stories, not for numbers, there is no way to manipulate/sort/highlight or formulate data in PDF and excel is just the natural format to use when you work with numeric data.


Would love to hear what are development view on this



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And Sales Reports - I need to be able to export these to Excel. 

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Doing the pdf thing and exporting to excel doesn't give you all card details - address, abn etc, though

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Also add Suppliers bills reports - All payables reports to be exported to excel

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I would like to hear what the development on this is as well. I really need reports to be accessible in Excel. Its very time consuming reentering data into Excel.





All data reports should be accessible in Excel please.

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Hi Alan,


I've been away from this forum for a while, sorry I did not get back to you. 


With online Essential, I think you can save a copy of the data file onto your PC, like a backup. You can then load this file link on that excel software. If not, you may have to contact the developer via their live chat. Regards