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Reports: Export all reports to Excel

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Need to make all reports exportable to excel

Cant export trial balance to excel

Cant export GST reports to excel

Balance sheet exports account numbers and account description into separate columns yet P&L is concatenated - WHY?

All this makes it time consuming to prepare working papers


"Export reports to excel"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: July 2022

Hi Everyone

Thank you for all showing your support for this idea

MYOB Business allows for all reports to be exported to Excel.

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When using Essentials instead of Account Right I miss not being able to download reports into excel so I can use the info in other working papers rather than have to type it all into management reports.

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Do we know if MYOB Essentials will ever make it possible for us users to be able to export contacts into Excel file or another format, other than PDF?  Thank you

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Eporting to PDF then to excel doesn't work, it only gives the email and it doesn't break it into indivicual cells in excel.. this is a basic feature why is it not available? So many basic features missing.. I'm going to start a Xero trial this week.

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TBH, MYOB clearly have no intention of providing exporting or importing features in their software.  They fear (And rightly so since their product is that lacking in features) that many customers would export their data in a heartbeat to CSV and import to another software package and leave MYOB altogether.

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Can we get TB in excel?

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PLEASE implement reporting all reports to excel ASAP, surely this a basic feature, even of an Essentials software program. Now I'm off to manually re-enter payroll data into excel so I can prepare a report that is required on a monthly basis!!

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Is it possible for the description manually entered when allocating a transaction please report on the GST Detail report and GL report. Makes reviewing the reports much quicker. eg Visa payments allocated between various codes, at the moment only the imported description Visa appears but would be useful if the breakdown of this as entered can be shown on the reports so that when reviewing a transaction it is easy to see if say the GST has been treated correctly.

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I certainly would like to be able to generate the coding report from bank transactions in excel format to send to clients. It would save a lot of time having to copy and paste into and excel spreadsheet..

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Is there any action happening on this idea- it is necessary please!

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MYOB Essentials MUST be updated so that all reports can be exported to excel.  It is just ridiculous that they don't! 


Also the description field on the bank feed processing area should show on a report.  Or if you can only use the "note" to shown on a report, move it so we don't have to have click on other areas!!!