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Reports: Export all reports to Excel

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Need to make all reports exportable to excel

Cant export trial balance to excel

Cant export GST reports to excel

Balance sheet exports account numbers and account description into separate columns yet P&L is concatenated - WHY?

All this makes it time consuming to prepare working papers


"Export reports to excel"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: July 2022

Hi Everyone

Thank you for all showing your support for this idea

MYOB Business allows for all reports to be exported to Excel.

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Please enable Payroll and Sales Reports with capability to export to Excel - high on our list of requirements.

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Agree.  The lack of this basic functionality is a major negative for this program.

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Could this please be looked into.. Surely there are enough comments to show that a basic requirement is missing.

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Hi there, I need an extract of all our contacts (main objective is customer): active and inactive with all stored details: address, e-mail address, children linked to the account, DOB, age, ability etc

Helpdesk failed to assist apart from advising that I should go and do it manually contact by contact!

Extract needs to be in Excel format, so we could manipulate it.

Would appreciate a database extract as soon as practicable - manual viewing will not be an option.

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Need also to be able to report on comparatives in the balance sheet.  Comparatives (to prior years and budget) is available in the Profit and Loss report, why not the Balance Sheet? It would make financial account preparation at year end much easier.

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Need to be able to export all reports to excel including bank transactions

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Try contacting Siva Sivakumar at in Brisbane. They have a range of good export-to-Excell products for AccountRight and Essentials

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It would be be really helpful if the payroll reports could be exported to excel. We have just recently upgraded from the desktop MYOB to Essentials and the old version had way more and better report options.

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It would be useful to be able to download an employees weekly wages onto a spreadsheet for the week, month or year or 6 monthly.  This would save a lot of typing on my part as I am often requested to provide a spreadsheet.  ACE pays was brilliant in doing this!

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It would help greatly if I could produce more reports to excel or CSV. 

Many are only able to be printed to PDF.

Export to excel would enable much easier analysis of data, comparing account sets between different companies, etc. 

A task I have right now is to bring 6 different companies with separate MYOB accounts into similar GL account list structure and layout.  the best I can do at the moment is print 6 reports in PDF, lay them out on a table and check each one against the other to determine the best compromises to make.  Having them in Excel would enable me to pull all 6 into one spreadsheet and use excel comparison tools.


Suggestions welcome.