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Reports: Supplier invoice number on Bills reports




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Hi there,


I can't seem to find any reports under the Bills section which show the supplier invoice number, they all seem to have the expense number as automatically applied by MYOB which is totally useless.  Please there must be an easy way to show all Bills with the suppliers invoice number on it but I just can't seem to find it.




"Supplier invoice number on any Bills Report"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: July 2022

Hi Everyone

Supplier Invoice no is available for adding on reports like the Supplier purchases (detail) & Supplier transactions reports

For more information on adding columns to reports see Help Article: Customising reports.

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Could you please add a feature to make it possible to search for Expense Invoice Numbers. It is highly frustrating flicking between two screens trying to find the correct date, then amount, then Expense number, then Invoice number. It would make reconciling account so much simpler.


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Hi @AnnieQ 

Thank you for your idea in regards to Essentials and Supplier Invoice Numbers on Bills.

Currently the Supplier Invoice Number field is a not reportable field in the Bill reports. However I would encourage other members of the MYOB Community that would like to see the Supplier Invoice Number field able to be shown on Bill reports to vote and comment if required.

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Yes, Yes Yes !!! Urgently! 

It ties in with the request to have remittance advices, I guess.


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Hi @soko 

Thank for your voting for this idea and sharing your thoughts.

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Totally agree. Need this function.

The reports are useless when printing for a supplier following up on unpaid invoices they don't quote our ID# they generally quote their Invoice number. This would also be useful in the Purchase History Function. When searching for a specific invoice from a supplier, you have to drill into each Bill to see the invoice number. This displays on the Bill function under Purchases, however, there is limited filter funtion in Bills and easier to filter by supplier and a date range albeit limited also using the Purchase History.


At present you can't even use these reports a a remittance advice as it ony states the ID# and the supplier still doesn't know which invoices you applied payment too. Not even worth using the report, just causes confusion.




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 Hi @OneWayBAS 

Thank you for your comments, I've shared them with the team.

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YES YES YES YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   My suppliers are getting cranky with me about my reports i send to them that they cant reconcile my payment!!!


Also a pop up screen when you seem to be entering the same invoice number twice.  It does this in MYOB account right plus but not in essentials

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Hi @heidiwagga

Thank you for your feedback and additional feedback, also voting for this idea. I have shared your feedback with the team.

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Yes please add the invoice number to bills report! the automated MYOB Expense number doesn't help.


Thank you

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Thank you very much for your feedback @essentialuser1


I noticed you haven't added your vote, I would suggest casting your vote by clicking on the '+Vote' button located on the top left corner of this page. The votes would give our developers a better idea of the needs, and help them to prioritise their work.