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Sales: Add descriptions rather select items





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I have been looking into using Essentials for a client and being able to recommend it others.

Most of my clients use Service invoices & so need space to type descriptions rather than items & the ability to show only the description coloum & for some the price coloum on the right.

Essentials Live would be the perfect package if there was the ability to do this.  Most of my clients would like to use Essentials as it is a true live version, where as Accounts right still need a program on a computer to access it and can't be accessed on there smart phones or tablets.


Is there anything being released soon that would do this?


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"More options to customise invoices in Essentials"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: February 2015

Hi everyone, Thank you very much for your comments and votes. As you may have already noticed you can now choose the Invoice and Quote layout that best suits your business needs. The latest Essentials Blog has more information on this.

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Hi I have the same issue with essentials and also need to include date for line items as my services are invoiced monthly but clients need to see dates and full description of service performed and when performed. I am using Account right + now. 

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Thank you for your post and comment. I understand you are looking for the ability to select appropriate layouts or be able to remove columns that are not relevant to the Invoice (like the Item column) and add others like a Date column. We encourage everyone who would like this to please continue to vote and add comments to this idea so it may be considered for inclusion in a future update.
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I totally agree.  I have just started using Essentials from years of using AccountEdge Pro where I could customise my invoices, statements, etc.  My clients really don't need to see the item column on their invoices whereas they would prefer to see a date column. 

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+1 I need to be able to customise what fields are displayed on invoices.

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A service invoice would make many users & possible new users extrremly happy..!


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Hi, is this likely to be adopted sometime soon as it is now a new financial year and this is a deal breaker for me  (and I am sure many others).  I am moving to a cloud based system and unfortunately unless I know that this will adopted soon then that system wont be MYOB .  

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Hi @McDiesel 


Our development team will be working to allow more flexibility with invoices later in the year. However, if you would like full customisation options we would encourage you to consider AccountRight. You would be able to host your datafile in the cloud and take advantage of all the benefits of online accounting while having all the power and flexibility of desktop software.


All the best,

Jason Hill
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Totally agree there needs to be added flexibility to the customisation of invoices. While there are 5 different layout options with Essentials, you can only modify basic colours & the logo. Can the development team look at a "drag & drop" in browser application for basic modification similar to desktop functionality.

It would be extremely useful if it were possible to import an external template, say designed with Adobe or a html version & then use the browser app to add the accounting fields to link it with the input variables. 

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need to make logo bigger on invoice. the limit format make invoice look wrong.  please change this.


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I totally agree with all the comments above.


Customisable invoices are essential! As a the owner of a design studio there is no way I would send one of these MYOB Essentials invoices to a client.


An online editor for invoices/quotes (all documents) would be best, with full layout/template customisation.


I know is not an accounting system, but template editing functionality like what is available in the backend there would be perfect.


I'm still in trial mode and this is a bit of a deal breaker for me, …having to continue creating manual invoices then re-entering them into Essentials Smiley Sad