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Sales: Discount column





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I agree with the other users who have asked for a discount column (in both invoices and expenses). It was the one feature that almost convinced me not to switch from AccountEdge to LiveAccounts.


Also, the fact that price fields are limited to 2 decimal points now means that when the total GST inclusive price shows up, it is often incorrect. For example, if an item sells for $3.50 including GST, it is set up in the item list as having a price of $3.18 excluding GST, but then when entering an invoice, say somebody bought 10 of this item, the total price including GST comes out at $34.98, not $35. A fix would be either to increase the number of decimal places or to allow a GST inclusive option in the item details. This is wasting a lot of time for me.


"Discount column... PLEASE!"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: July 2022

Hi Everyone

Within MYOB Essentials, when creating an item invoice the user would have the ability to enter a discount percentage. 

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I just type discount as a new line and put in a negative figure. Hope that helps. But I see what you are trying to do

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Thanks that actually makes a lot of sense. 


Cheers for the workaround - it will do for now Smiley Wink

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Hi Team,


Just had a suggestion from a client i had on the phone, he is currently manually calculating the discounts for 30 or so invoices for early payments and think that we should add the ability to apply discount to a column in the invoices!

It will save him alot of time and im sure a few other clients will appreciate this feature as well even if they do not use it every day.



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I have just moved across from the desktop based Account Right Basics to online Essentials and phone support has just told me that there is no easy way to simply add a percentage discount to a purchase.

Account Right had a column in which one simply typed the discount percentage number and it automatically calculated it.

Can this be something that is added soon.


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I too would like to see a discount column (in both invoices and expenses). Also a customer quote from to invoice then to turn into a order to the suppliers.

Thank you


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 Hi @KLPDunlop 

Thank you for your comments in regards to this idea.

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Hi All,


MYOB Essentials lacks a Discount Column on Invoices. This is a highly desired feature and somethign I would consider a stable for an accounting package of which Invoicing is cornerstone function. The abiltiy to toggle this on or off in Invocie Settings would be ideal for those that do not require it.


I would consider this to be fairly key functionality - please advise if this will considered for implementation ASAP.

Again - fairly low complexity and would really improve the invoicing experience in MYOB Essentials.


Thanks in advance.

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Relax! in 2012 it was about to be added? Being a long term Myob user (20yrs) I really didnt think I needed to check if there was going to be a discount feature in the online version. Feature is probably a strong word for something which as discussed is just as normal as being able to put the customers address on an invoice. Seems like a pretty sneaky way to get new customers to have to upgrade soon after being sucked into the portal. Essentials? Bah! Please fix this soon.

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Is this happening??  Noticed posted in 2012!!

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I would like to see a discount collumn added to invoices.


"Discount column on invoice"