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Sales: Email received confirmation

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Client suggestion


I have another suggestion that has caused us a few hiccups.
When you send an invoice via email you have no way of knowing if it got to them. I guess what I mean is, if the email address has been entered imperfectly then there is no "Mail Delivery Error" or similar to let you know. And as most clients dont reply saying they've received an invoice, you just assume they have until they havent paid, and you resend and same happens.
We have had 3 instances now, one a typo on my part, another someone texted their email address incorrectly  (so my several times rechecking didnt help), and another went to someone's old address that they have an autoreply on but we didnt receive it. 
I'm sure it's unlucky we've had so many, but I imagine it must happen to others occassionally as well. 
I wonder if you could add it to the "feedback" list?


"Email received confirmation please?"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: September 2016

Hi Everyone

With the release of PayDirect Online you can track invoice activity including when a particular email was sent and viewed. This is done using the Activity section in the bottom left of the Invoice window.

For more information into viewing the Activity of an invoice please see Help Article: Emailing and printing - FAQ: How can I tell if an invoice has been printed or emailed?


For more information on PayDirect Online can be on Get paid faster with PayDirect Online

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Geoff_Colwill agreed it would be good if we could see an notification to say it was delivered in MYOB, or even better that is was read.  Some other accounting software providers have this feature and it would be great to see this in MYOBSmiley Very Happy

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This isnt hard to do, any basic IT setup has return email address built in. If a postmaster sends back a NDR, it should go right through to the login email.
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Thanks TheSparky G

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Thanks for the excellent suggestion @Geoff_Colwill Anyone who would like to see email receipt confirmation or failure notification implemented in Essentials Accounting, please cast your vote here. If you have any suggestions regarding how this could be implemented (like the great suggestion from@TheSparky) below please leave a comment.

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This is an issue that we have experienced a number of times and is quite annoying as we don't know they havent received it until we call up asking when we can expect payment. Would be great to have a way of knowing if the email address is incorrect etc.


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Hi @Melissa21

Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea. I have shared your comments with the team.

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We have had this problem too, we couldn't understand why our client suddenly stopped paying their invoices when they seemed to be perfectly happy with us until eventually we figured out they weren't getting them.

Getting invoices sent to the right place is a pretty important part of running a business and it's vital that we know if they're not getting through. 

A message sent to the user login email would be just the thing.


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Hi @FHChats

Thank you for feedback and voting for this idea. Its always good to get a real world example and how it affects clients. I've shared your feedback and example with the team.

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I have a few clients with myob essentials and they are having this problem as well.

We have been chasing customers for payments not realising invoices have not been received this has been happening for approx the last 4 months ? Since late last year. There is no way of checking to see if these invoices were ever received.

Can you please let me know how we can check this. (it is not very professional). Other online software programs do this very efficiently. This should not just be under consideration all businesses need to track if emails are being received.

At the moment I am advising my clients to save a copy of invoice and send it manually. This is almost a step backwards into the dark ages. Please dont just consider please just do it.



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Hello @ShBusServ 


Thank you for the feedback regarding this issue I agree how this is disrupting the workflow. As soon as we know anything we will update the idea, in the meantime anyone else who would like to see this in future upgrades please comment and vote.


Kind regards,



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