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Sales: Include Purchase Order on Invoices page

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It would be great if the Purchase order number could be displayed in one of the columns when looking at the list of invoices (whether paid, overdue or current) - perhaps between the invoice number and customer name.


This would save a lot of time searching to see if an invoice has been created against a particular invoice (rather than opening up each individual invoice)





"Purchase order number displayed on list of invoice"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: August 2017

Hi Everyone

I'm pleased to announce that MYOB Essentials will now show the Purchase Order Number on the Invoice window. This column can also be sorted if required.

For more information on this update please see Sorting invoices by purchase order number and other workflow improvements

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Please extend the search function under Invoices to include the Purchase Orders column as well.

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It seems crazy that you cant search using purchase oder number .

Can we please get this fixed

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Hi. Is it possible to have the Purchase Order column as a search as well. I am am in a garage and we use registration numbers as the Purchase Order. It would be real handy and save a lot of time if I was able to seach for a registration number.

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  It would be great to be able to search invoices by purchase order numbers and not just clients .I often have to search through loads of invoices to see if we have sent an invoice for a certain purchase order number.