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Sales: Include a service layout




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Hi There,


The Liveaccounts program I would have though to be directed at the small business. In Australia majority of small business is in the service industry. Therefore, I would have thought that you would be able to invoice for service supply (with no item) and the an invoice template to mirror image this (no item column). It will be appreciated if this could be looked at and attended to as soon as possible.

Also, my clients who are in the building and trade industry cannot send a quote to their respective consumer through Liveaccounts?


You attention to the above will be appreciated. regards, Clayton


"Invoicing and templates"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: September 2016

Hi everyone,


This idea was implemented a while back, you now have the option to choose Service layout for all your invoices in Essentials Accounting. 


Thank you again for all your comments and votes for this idea.

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Hi there


I would like to see the option to choose a service invoice template.  My client does not wish to have the QTY and Unit Price on some invoices (for example, when there is only labour being performed and no sales of inventory items), and it would be nice to have some different template options within the program.






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Thanks for your suggestions Clayton and a very warm welcome to the Community Forum. I will ensure your feedback is considered by the LiveAccounts team. Jason Hill Community Manager
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I agree with Clayton.


It would be very useful to be able to invoice for services without quantities.


This change could be made by simply allowing zero in the quantity field.






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I would also ask that this be attencded to ASAP, I have numerous clients - that I have recommended upgrade/change to Live Accounts, and there is no 'service invoice'.


My clients are not happy as the vast majority are service businesses, and for them to supply their client/customer with an 'item invoice' is ridiculous, and makes my client look unprofessional.


This does not reflect well on me, nor MYOB.


This really should be attended to promptly.

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Thank you for the post and comments. The ability to have different Invoice Layouts, or for the system to not print the Item column when not used is something that our Developers hope to change in a future update. We encourage others to continue to vote on the Idea so that we can get a fair idea of how many users would like this change.
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I am in agreement with others who have posted comments regarding the Invoice Templates in LiveAccounts and would request that this is delivered soon as there are many businesses out there who do not sell items and currently we appear unprofessional to our clients. Our business needs a service/professional template as we do consultancy work on specific dates for clients and need to state the date in a separate column. Currently, we are having to note the date in the description field along with the description which can at times be quite lengthy.

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I agree 110%! There must be many professional companies using this who are in the same boat.

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I am extremely disappointed that a service invoice is not an option in Essentials.  Most Australian small business, who I though would be your target market, would be in the service industry.

I am certain with this small upgrade to your software, there would be thousands of more prospective businesses to sign up....!

We have various clients who would like to use the system, however, are unable to at this stage.


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I agree with all of above comments, Being recent convert to Myob essential I found it frustrating that service invoice are not available .I might not have convert to MYOB if I had known This Fact earlier

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I actually can not believe this has not been added to MYOB Essentials. The program has been developed for long enough to create an option to remove the Item coloumn and the Units coloumn.


A simple check box, similar to the windowed envelope would fix this whole issue.


My mind boggles as to why this issue exists