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I have a couple ideas that I think need to be urgently added to Myob Essentials.  


Firstly you can not discount on your invoices, this is such a basic feature that I can not believe Myob did not think it necessary to add in to Essentials.  


Also you cannot print a packing slip! Again a basic feature left out.


When entering a new item, you have to enter the price ex gst. Another headache I did not need & again I am sure an easy add on for Myob.


Hopefully if enough people leave similar ideas for essentials Myob will add them in.  As a business owner I have to say they will really speed up my time wasting issues.



Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2014

Thank you for your suggestions @Loanne8  Our idea exchange allows other users to vote for your suggestions, so that our developers can see which suggestions are the most popular. For this reason, we ask that you make a single suggestion per idea, so that we can see which ideas are being voted for and respond appropriately.


You can add add a discount when recording an invoice by adding a line with negative price to the invoice. This will come off of the total for the invoice. You can also record discounts when settling the invoice by typing the discount amount in the 'discounts given' column on the customer payments screen.


In regards to entering item prices with tax, this suggestion has been made previously. I recommend that you vote for this idea here:

Option to enter item prices either inclusive or exclusive of GST


In regards to packing slips, I can certainly see how some businesses using Essentials may wish to use packing slips. Anyone else who would like to see packing slips in MYOB Essentials, please cast your vote here.



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Can anyone help me as I am getting no help from MYOB.


How do you print a delivery note on Accountright.


I have followed the online instructions but I get to the point where is say PRINT but there is nowhere on screen to print it.


MYOB are useliss and give no help whatsoever.



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Good luck with getting anything basic done with MYOB. 


They cant even fix outline lines are fields on emailed invoices. A simple thing that Xero have been able to do for more than 12 years.


It could be good software but its pretty inadequate and MYOB seem little interested in fixing basic issues that any developer could do in 10 minutes.