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Sales: Show a deposit amount on the invoice




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I do not sell items as a photographer I sell a service. I need to be able to create an invoice that shows the full amount invoiced but not the full amount due. I need it to show the deposit only as being due now or in 48 hours or 1 week. Thereafter the outstanding amount is to show as due and the normal process of adding payments applies. The reason for this is that most of the time photograohers are booked 1 to 2 years in advance.


This program is not really geared for photographers


"Business selling a service"

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Agreed. Surely this has been asked for more than once!

There should be the ability to issue deposit invoices (x amount due of total amount showing). Progressive invoicing!

Include the total invoice amount but allow the "Balance due" amount to be changed.

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Hi @hortique


Thanks for your post and apologize for the delay of response.


We appreciate your patience with this matter. In this case, you can enter the full amount in one invoice then splitting the amount in a few transactions lines if you prefer, e.g. deposit amount X, remaining amount Y, invoice total is X+Y. You may enter the payment instructions in the "Notes to customer" box then send the invoice off. When the customer pays payments down the track you can record each payment to the same invoice. 


You may also consider sending them a quote for the deposit amount only, then later click into the quote to change it to an invoice. You can add the remaining amount in the same invoice or choose to record it in a separate invoice.


If you need further help, don't hesitate to start a new post and we'll be happy to assist.



Kind regards,