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Sales: Units/quantity to be entered as 3 decimal places

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I like to add items in foreign currencies and use the Quantity field as an exchange rate, eg


DescritionQty        Unit Price        Total

Some foreign purchase             0.942      $39.95             $37.63


This works well to capture both the foreign currency price on the invoice, and the actual price I paid from my current account.  Problem is, I can't enter more than 2 decimal places for the quantity field, making it impossible to always get the exact total as shown on my bank statement.  If the quantity had one more decimal place, I can get line totals accurate to 2 decimal places.  Please allow another decimal place to the quantity, this should be a real easy fix.




"Quantity field to 3 decimal places"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: July 2022

Hi Everyone

With MYOB Essentials users can enter the No. of units up to 6 decimal places on item invoices, if required. 

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hi guys,


At the moment we can only invoice products per kg with two numbers after the desimal point.

eg we sell products per kg and this making us have to round down eg .144g is invoices as .140g and we are losing money by doing this. can this be changes?





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Using invoices on Essentials it would be ideal to have the option for 3 decimal points in the ‘Units’ column for clients who work in tonnes.

Also on the statements payment slip it only shows the invoice number(s) but would good to have the clients name that has been invoiced as we still have many people using cheques and only send that statement payment slip with their cheques.

 When printing the invoices due for the next month it would be helpful to be able to print in alphabetical order by client name instead of only invoice number order and having to then go through and match all invoices to statements before posting.


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It would actually be better if we could tailor how many decimal places we want on an invoice or bill.  Some of my suppliers go to 4 decimal places & I always end up having to add an extra line for rounding up or down to get it to match their amount.  If it could at least go to 4 decimal places that would be good.  Doesn't seem unreasonable, since for whatever reason MYOB decided to add pay items to 5 decimal places on the payslip (which no one wants!).

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Standard setting for most fields in MYOB is 2 Decimal Points. Or MYOB rounds up to 2 decimal points.

I run a business that sells items based on weight to 3 decimal points. I would like all fields to be expanded to 3 decimal points.

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Hi Everyone

With MYOB Essentials users can enter the No. of units up to 6 decimal places on item invoices, if required.