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Sales: Update converted quotes to new date




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When converting an quote to an invoice it keeps the issue date the same as when the quote was made, hoever on the old MYOB it freshed the invoice with todays date. Please change it back to do this. It was also be handy of it gave the invoice the same quote number not a new one when converting it to an invoice. 


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Absolutly agree.....but make it optional in the setup for sales, ie check/tick box for :


1] Change issue date of invoice to convertion date


2] Keep quote number the same when converting to invoice


At least we would have the option.


The other thing is that each time you create a quote or invoice, or convert a quote, a new 'number' is issued. However you cannot list all those numbers consecutively in ONE list. You can only list the numbers assigned to the quotes in one list and the numbers assigned to invoices in another list. Can't even do it in reports.


MYOB, PLEASE do the above tick boxes or at least make ALL the numbers viewable in ONE list so we can see duplications or ommisions.